Dealer Cobra Photo. EYE OPENER!


Dealer Photo Of Cobra

We got this cool image from Seth Katzs regarding Cobra colors and the tone of the gold on the iconic gold fin.  The issue is Dark gold with Varnish or a lighter gold. Its clear in this that indeed the gold was intended to be the lighter gold. Varnish does age darker. So we can see this and dream what it would be like to walk into a dealership around Christmas? Balm Trees? Bows.. Maybe it was in Florida?

All I did was remove the window bar.. And that revealed an insight

But the debate of which way the lift rings might also be to todays comment farm. For those of you that are sitting inside. WHY? Anyway, it’s clear as day that the rings are set a different way. But does that cause issues? Should they have been set the normal way. OH, I know we have dug deep into this before here. With diagrams, and so on. BUT, Take a closer look. I mean close. Like smear your snot on the screen close.

Okay.. Sorry..

If you look closely.. SNOT CLOSELY.. You will see that the Lift Rings are not aligned with the Fin, OR are they lined with the seams. It splits the difference. And THAT makes sense. The Red is the line, the Blue is a direct line, not the subtle difference. Is it possible that everyone is wrong, and like most things in life the truth is somewhere in between?

Enjoy the comments today!

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  1. Shep on lake Shafer IN
    Shep on lake Shafer IN says:

    Wow! I thought it look like the water was getting high in your post on Thursday. You could not see the sea wall then.
    How is the house and barn at the house doing?
    It’s not good when it gets into your barn. But if it gets in your house it’s a different problem.
    Praying for you that it doesn’t become a real problem!

  2. Greg in Ohio
    Greg in Ohio says:

    My eyes see that the lift rings are aligned athwart ships. From an engineering /practical perspective makes sense. Ascetically not so much.


    Oh, and as long as we are looking at details, our good friend Dan Diehl in Okla, while restoring his own 21 Cobra, has discovered that the normal way to clock the exhaust ring screws on most all boats, seems to be different on Cobras. His original holes are 12, 3 ,6, and 9. and his research has found many other Cobras like that. Great picture here that also proves it. Not a revelation in restoring, but we all like to get it right.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Cool pictures Steven. I’m glad we got all the details worked out on those beautiful Cobras today. Could we see more Cobra Dancing!

  5. MikeMj
    MikeMj says:

    What about the vents being opposite as in the factory photo? The Cobra from the show should get docked…….

    I thought we had beaten the lifting rings to death? Whether they are staggered or not should be easily proven by how they connect to the stringer? Right? Direction of the ring itself is easy to manipulate…….

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