Debate Week Is Over! Lets Talk Hats!

Billy billy billy!

Billy billy billy!

In a long standing tradition here at Woody Boater, whenever there has been some debat’n going on, we always follow up with a hat story. I know, seems silly, but thats the point.. All of this is silly in a way. We are talking about fun stuff we like to do when we are doing what we want tot do, rather than have to do. Although a magazine type website on taking out the trash and mowing the lawn would be fun….ish..  Woody Tasher? Or Woody Mower? Ya Woody Mower.. That’s it.. Secretly you do enjoy the gratification of mowing the lawn.. Especially if you have one like I do.. That sucker flies.. And it’s peacfull out on the mower and in about a half hour I have accomplished more than I probably did all week at work. no politics .. No blade of grass comes in late or wants a raise?  Of course there is the old Russian saying though..’ The tallest Blade of grass is the first to be cut by the scythe. So I guess even in lawn mowing politics can come into play.. Hence. HATS! Cool woody hats.. And the style they embody.. for everybody! Thanks for participating in Debate week.. We had huge traffic and it seemed that folks enjoyed it all.. Over 4000 of you a day came to Woody Boater by the way..

The Boatress even wears one.. For the two seconds it takes to take the picture.. Then its hearled back to me!

The Boatress even wears one.. For the two seconds it takes to take the picture.. Then its hearled back to me!


All the Hollywood types wore them!

All the Hollywood types wore them!


I want to go to law school!

I want to go to law school!

Have a great Sunday!  See you back here on Monday. Oh, and its header day! Just click or refresh and a new header will appear!

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  1. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    Love hats! All kinds antique hats, classic hats, mod hats. He hats, she hats. And I love to wear them to! At home, in public, cutting grass, working, and of course boating. But it helps to have a hat with a strap when boating with a hat! Hell I’m wearing a hat drinking my coffee and plan to keep it on when later I’ll be spreading rocks in the driveway to the barn! This afternoon when I bbq I bet I’ll be wearing a hat! In fact the only time I would wear a hat is if it smells, but if said hat and I got smelly together then i would ware a.smelly hat.

    Thanks it’s about rock spreading time me and my hat have left the building!

  2. Andy Riggs
    Andy Riggs says:

    Don’t get Kentucky Wonder started on hats, especially if you like a nice flat bill like Jesse James….

    And why is the math getting harder, is Matt trying to tell me something?

    • Andy Riggs
      Andy Riggs says:

      And apparently, it is also Header Day…thanks Matt, like I wasn’t already going to waste half of the day here.

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Hats….Really…About the only thing a hat is good for is to keep the sun off my unfolicaled head while mowing or boating…Otherwise it has to come off when you come indoors and if not at home that means you have to carry it around and if at home, then you have to try and remember where you left it when you go back outside My dad always wore a felt hat but sorry….not for me.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Instead of the typical white canopy that everyone uses at shows WoodyBoater needs a Captain’s Hat shaped one. Wish I knew how to Photoshop the idea.

    • Sean
      Sean says:

      We’re looking at new Captains hats for next season…

      Sort of like this but, with a black bill. The crest is that of Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd.

  5. Ron S
    Ron S says:

    I wear a hat once in a while now. Try to do it when the sun shines in Seattle. I learned a many years back that the ozone layer is depleting, and I know it is true because I never used to get sunburn on my head when I was younger…..

  6. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I have a collection of hats that collect dust on a shelf in the closet. I had a nice Chris-Craft hat until I wore it boating on Lake Dora a few years ago. Now it’s either at the bottom of the lake or entangled in some poor alligator’s digestive system.

    I like hats; not to wear, but to look at on that dusty shelf. They bring back good memories of places I have visited, good folks that I have met, and good organizations along the way. I have a couple of Woody Boater hats, one of them is like the Boatress is wearing (looks better on her).

    Now, on to the magical changing Header…

  7. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Matt make the hat, get them done up in Annapolis where some of the academy gets theirs made, in the United States of America!

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