Decoys, With A Chris-Craft Flair.


There have been all sorts of decoy stories out there. Decoys to the real decoys you could say. Well, here we have the real decoy! These images were provided by Smith “Bub” Merrill, Chris Smith’s grandson and Herb Pocklington. These decoys show up from time to time. You might even find one floating in Herbs pool…They were made when a group formed a club and would sit around and whittle, drink and tell a series of unconnected truths… Big fish stories I suppose. If you’d like to know more about how the Smith’s and Woods lived life behind the scenes. Well this is your year. You can join us and the Classic boat community up in Algonac Michigan in June for the legends of Algonac statue of Chris Smith and Gar Wood presentation. And if you really want to feel the varnish in your veins flow.. Chip in some bucks and you will get a real decoy and a nice barrel back.. and a Cobra….. See decoys and lying go together…

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    If it wasn't for Christopher Smith's passion for duck hunting the Chris-Craft Company may never have been created. His first boat was built to get him closer to where the ducks were. Other hunters liked what he built and wanted him to build them one, then another, and another. The decoys were another passion that he couldn't resist; to carve a better decoy!

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