Director/Photographer Daniel Teetor Amazing Eye, Keeps Us All Boating Into The Winter!

Screen Shot from the amazing footage – Photo Daniel Teetor – Rights Reserved

A huge thanks to Film Director  Daniel Teetor for shooting this amazing 6 ish minute film to remind us all that we tucked away our boats just a tad too soon. I am sure I will go back to this film throughout the winter to keep the varnish warm in my heart.

WOW – Photo Daniel Teetor – Rights Reserved

I will add as a Creative Director and Art Director of 40 years, This is killer footage, not easy to do and screams passion for these amazing boats. Hacker-Craft, Gar Wood and a Chris Craft. The Trinity of Mahogany for sure. Enjoy and bask in the warmth Daniel was able to capture!


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  1. Sunday Funday
    Sunday Funday says:

    By the way, the embedded video doesn’t work. I had to manually go to YouTube and search for “Daniel Teetor”. It’s worth the effort. Even the music is good…which is rare in wood boat videos!

  2. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    Great video guys! I knew your dad and got to see your families collection of boats years ago and spend some time with your dad. It brought back a lot of memories for me because I spent some of my childhood living in Colony Drive on the river. I received a few letters from your dad and he used a typewriter which I thought was pretty cool. Its great to see your keeping the love for wooden boating going, he would be proud.

  3. tparsons56
    tparsons56 says:

    Fantastic – A great video to watch this morning as it is now snowing in the Detroit area.

    As I remember Daniel had three boats at “Boat the Blue” – I wonder if this video was made at that time on the St. Clair Flats?

    Only 6 months until we can launch again!! [Crap].

    • Daniel Teetor
      Daniel Teetor says:

      Thanks to all of you for the kind comments about the film and the memories of my parents. All three of the boats were indeed at Boat the Blue but all the video and photos in the film were shot in prior years. Everything showing the three boats together was shot in August, 2017. I wasn’t able to begin producing the film until earlier this year.

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Wilson, you and I being the oldies of the crew…I could not view it at first either…but went straight to youtube and got it….sort of repetitive I thought…but pretty shots.

    John in Va.

  5. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Such talent, and such amazing angles of exciting footage. I can imagine how much raw footage they must have shot and all the hours to edit it all, into this tribute to our boating hobby.
    Thank you for all your team’s efforts.
    Boat the Blue, and GO BLUE!!!

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    Damn!!!!!! That was good, you are back Matt. Daniel such great footage and editing. Those drivers had a lot bigger nads than I do. To run that close at that speed with Boats that expensive. I guess I realise what it takes to repair even a bump. Risking it for a great video!!

  7. Droneshadow
    Droneshadow says:

    Outstanding! Almost lost the drone to the flagpole on the bow. Too bad about the visible prop blades though.

  8. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    Some good angles and drone photography, but all a bit predictable and that damned Tits and Swords music? Ye Gods, when will it stop? Gimme engines, dammit, not Netflix themes.

    Just how many Teetors are there?

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    How dare you post this video for us to view in such a vulnerable state. Its like watching Rachel Welsh, Bridget Bardot and Tina Louise doing a pole dance at a strip club and not being able to “touch the merchandise”. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.

  10. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Awesome, especially when you’re bed-ridden with the flu. Was it just me, or did some of those shots have the boats a little close? One errant wave, and ….

  11. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Old crankshafts are not art. The production and the boats? DEFINITLY ART. Took pretty big brass nuts to get some of those action shots. Thanks for the show.

  12. Wolfgang
    Wolfgang says:

    I;m going to watch this over and over again when I get bored or tired of working on my 25 footer. Makes the blood boil again.

  13. Daniel Teetor
    Daniel Teetor says:

    Some of you commented on the boat driving so I thought it prudent to explain a little. The drivers have been working with me for many years on these types of photo shoots. They will admit that there certainly is some level of stress with the close quarters work. But we practice A LOT! Their driving skills come from decades of this experience and none of us will risk bumping one of the boats.
    Thanks for all your comments and opinions. We’ll certainly keep them in mind for the next film.

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