Distractions In Woodyboaterville.

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I know to many of you, all you want from me is boats, boats and more boats. Me too! BTW, not #MeToo, me as well. But also life in Woodyboaterville does not just run on Varnish and Mahogany alone! WHAAAAAAAAAT? Ya, I am distracted by many of lifes things. Bruiser! The need for a new Woodyboatermobile, and The Secret X Project. Not to mention real work, as in paying the Bills and with that having to purge some old stories to another server to keep the cost of this down. As in from 350 a month in hosting charges to now 700 a month. A MONTH! JUST TO HOST THE SITE. 13 years of stories and photos add up. This is a massive site now, and that comes with costs. A huge thanks to our sponsors and your donations that keep it going. I carry a ton of it, but you all carry the bulk, and for that we all thank ourselves.

Mr B, Boozer, Boozer B, he has many nick names already!

Bruiser update! He has doubled in weight. And he is clearly starting to exhibit Aussie tendencies. So I am zoning in on an Aussie Doodle ish pooch. He makes us laugh hourly, and he is starting to make inroads towards the Boatress who is falling in love to the point where I have to keep his manhood alive.

Mr B and two B’s ! Woohooo!

And some good news, he has balls!  There was some question as to if they would appear. I am sure when he reads this as a teenager he will be embarrassed. But Hey?

She has left the state and now is in New Orleans.

ANYONE OUT THERE A FORD DEALER OR SALES PERSON? I am officially in the market for a new F150 or F250. I would love to support you if you are up to some fun!

Up all night trying to navagate issues

The Double Secret Project X is hitting some snags, but slowing down. We are looking at an end of the month announcemet. And it’s a whopper… with cheese.

The crAPP

The App. Its a crap fest and needs to be completely redone. Which involves big money. So anyone out there that has APP building experience? Your help would be…. Wait for it… APPreciated!

Stay warm!

I think thats it. Stay warm, safe and sane! And most off all away from anything that may kill you. We are so close.

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  1. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    I thought WoodyBoater was limited to ass caracks
    Now it’s full frontal

    Keep up the good work WoodyBoater

    Mike k

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Anything for ratings! Bob Kays points out that Bruiser as a teeneager reads this and says.. WTF? I had balls! Oh boy!

  3. Jaxon
    Jaxon says:

    He’s got WHAT?? I think I lost mine in prison. I know my license is cheaper. Hard to tell but it’s Wednesday and I have to get ready to go to the club.

  4. Darthtrader
    Darthtrader says:

    When I looked at the picture, it appeared to be a hidden clue for the big announcement. At first glance, it looked like you were loading Sweet Pea with lobster traps. I could see the promo coming for “Woodiest Catch”.

  5. Bill (Andante) Brooks
    Bill (Andante) Brooks says:

    What yu really need us a new GMC 2500 Sierra With a Duramax Diesel engine. A very torque engine and a much more stylish profile.

  6. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    Try having Ac/Dc’s song:Big Balls as a ringtone on your phone.Mine went off in the grocery store-makes for a mad scramble and alot of odd stares from the ladies.

  7. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Our “granddoggie” is an Aussie – adorable and more energy than any dog should have. She loves to train her humans… Knowing Bruiser has some Aussie blood explains a few things. It will be an adventure! 😅

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      HOLY COW, I said those very words the other day. He is training us more than we are training him. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY…

  8. Richard Daley
    Richard Daley says:

    How do we the viewers make a donation to the cause
    ie the process ?
    I encourage every one to do so.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Look in the about section there is a donate button. For the record, thanks but that was not the intent of the story

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