Do You Have A Photo Of The Correct Wire Staple For A 1941 Chris Craft?


One of the more fun parts of restoring a classic boat is uncovering its history and staying true to its heritage. With so many different types of boats, from so many diverse points of view. It’s very difficult to do it right. The temptation to incorporate new ideas is very strong. In some cases, justified. Like safety concerns. One of the best ways to know what’s right is to document a correct untouched boat. The other is to dig through factory documents and research research research. Don Ayers and Brian Robinson hold the title of that passion hands down when it comes to Chris Crafts. There are experts for each maker and brand. The ACBS has a listing of such folks on there web site. The ACBS is a fantastic resource for such things. Photos are another good resource I have found my self pouring over countless times, looking at the smallest details. I even have stared at the cover of the 2006 ACBS directory.. mmm is that the right faring on the covering boards? That shot on the cover is a great resorce for that question. I was lucky enough to see the now famous New Hampshire original 1941 Barrel Back while in Mt Dora three years ago. I think I took 20 shots, about 100 short of what I needed by the way. I have gone to those photos almost every day. And still miss little details. Is it hard work? No, it’s all part of the fun. Now, I am back to coat #9 of varnish. And yes, originally they only had 3-4 coats. So much for the original thing.

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Woody Boater, I’ve taken a lot of photos of the ’48, 17′ Deluxe but sounds like the more, the better. I probably don’t have enough. I’ve also accumulated a whole file of photos of other 17′ post war Deluxes that may pay off eventually. I’ll have the camera busy at Lake Dora of any early post war CC’s, especially of any Deluxe models that may be there.

    The wiring methods on early post war models looks much the same as on the late pre-war ones.

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Never enough… I had a 49 that i loved. And have a ton of shots from her as well. Its not all that different on the surface. But I am sure once you get into the details its completly different.Oh boy, let the fun begin…

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