Do You Own A 1938 Chris Craft 19 Sportsman? Today May Be Like Winning The Lottery.


Ya ya, another brochure.. Keep reading

If you are one of the rare few to own an amazing 1938 19 Sportsman, first. COOL. I love these boats. They may seem nutso with the reverse seat. But Rare, and just jaw dropping cool looking. But if you do have one, you know your hull and engine number by heart, and on ebay is the original Bill Of Sale to your boat. Thats gold. Pure gold. And the ultimate paper trail cherry on top. AHHHHHHHH!

Original Bill Of Sale!!!!!!! No hull number, but engine number, and your hull card would connect this



And yes I know, all I am doing is spreading the word, so it may cost lottery money to buy it, but really, do two people have the same hull number? No! So. HERE IS THE LINK, and if you happen to be the owner of the hull number and engine number. COOL! And let us know and the citizens of Woodyboaterville will make sure you get your cherry on top.

This masterpiece has a brown interior, banjo wheel, and apple green boot stripe. Its insane, at Katzs Marina.

Drool fest

Insane detail

Marble wheel. FOR SALE CLICK HERE.




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    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      We had the Skipper and the Captain for a sleepover last night. They keep Grandpa pretty busy in the morning!


    Matt you are probably not going to believe this but that is my grandfather (Molly-O’s original owner) on the cover of that 1939 CC brochure and its taken in front of his cottage on Harsens Island. I have been looking to buy one for years.

  2. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    I would be curious to know the basis on which this has been restored with the apple green boot stripe? I had assumed that started with various ’39 models.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    And got 100 for a dodge 16 trade in. In todays buck 930 is around 18,000.. Still a good deal. So it is fare to say, old wood boats have done better than inflation, thus being an investment.

  4. t
    t says:

    Not knowing anything about the Dodge(model) that was traded, I wonder which boat would be harder to find today,the Chris or the Dodge?

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Would love to recreate that store/window display just to sit in “the cave”. Ain’t nothin’ stopping me except time and money.

  6. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Mr. Turbo,
    Come on by Howe Marine anytime this summer and soak up the ambiance. We can reserve a comfy chair for you and a cold drink too.
    We’re old school like Matt’s Railway and doing our best to keep one foot firmly in the past.
    Getting ready for ACBS ‘23!!!!

  7. Kerry Price
    Kerry Price says:

    Hey, Troy thanks for the email telling me about this. Looks like I lost the lotto. Mine is Hull # 19-501.
    There were a total of 70 of these produced for model years 1938-39. 19500-19569.
    Back in 1991, Carl Chaverin (then owner of hull 19541 and I believe his son now owns it) wrote a wonderful article in the Brass Bell about the history of this model. His research included a current list of then-known hulls. Mine was not on the list but he knew of it and had been hunting it down under the name Jersey Bounce. He finally found it in Grand Lake, CO when it was owned by Ed Zeimer who changed the name to Tigrette. Ed passed away and I purchased the boat after seeing it in a parking lot at the 2015 International ACBS weekend boat rally at Lake Minnetonka, MN.
    I have since replaced the bottom and am diligently preserving the rest of the hull which still has all of its original pre-war Philippine mahogany topsides, deck, and interior ceiling planks. As unusual as this boat model is with the rear-facing aft cockpit mine is the only one that has a hinged door passageway between the front cockpit and the center cockpit. She still sports her original Model B engine.
    I hope to have the boat ready by summer 2022 but I’m in no rush.
    Last I heard there were 18 known to still exist.

  8. Kerry Price
    Kerry Price says:

    After a bit of research, my records show that Engine KA 6514 went with hull # 19-511. Hull # 19-556 shows engine LC 8436.
    What is interesting is that this Bill of Sale is dated August 7, 1939, but hull 19-511 was originally shipped to Cleveland, Ohio on September 25, 1937. I guess they owned it for a couple of years before selling it?

  9. Kerry Price
    Kerry Price says:

    Sadly, Hull # 19-511 has not shown up as one of list of remaining hulls so this may be a bill of sale for something that doesn’t exist anymore. Still cool though.

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