Don’t Squeeze In, EEz-In! – One-Time, Strictly Limited Production Run Of EEz-In Ladders!

WDP_1172 V3 9x11_300

New Again!

Ladder Pool

Fresh outta the box!

Fellow Woody Boater Dave Bortner goes all out for the Woody Boater comunity and here is your chance to get the real deal. Take it away Mr Bortner.

Vintage accessories have generated lots of attention on WB lately. As those of us who troll eBay late at night have found out, it can be a real challenge to find great vintage boat items. What if you could buy something brand new, but original in design? A re-issue, or continuation? Now there’s a limited opportunity to own your very own new-original (post-restoric?) EEz-In boarding ladder.


The Garelick Manufacturing Company in St. Paul Park, MN, was founded in 1952 by Joe and Saul Garelick. Their original product was the EEz-In Ladder, shown here in their original 1952 advertising photograph. The product took off, due in no small part to their advertising slogan: “Don’t Squeeze In, EEz-In”. Meanwhile, their design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities flourished as they built both their own line of marine products, as well as custom manufacturing for most of today’s boat manufacturers. Second-generation cousins Ken and Rick Garelick today run the family business their fathers started in their garage!


Iz that an EEz -In ladder I zee! Yez it iz!

And that would be the end of an inspiring, American-dream business story…..except….Ken Garelick and I share a fascination for small, V-8 powered Chris-Craft and Century boats, as well as an unhealthy attachment to vintage brochures. I won’t even mention old Mercedes……. We’ve been friends for forty years, and for the past five years, I’ve been bugging him to do a production run of the original ladder.


NEW! And ready for you!

All the planets have aligned, and the new, original EEz-In ladder is now available in two sizes, 3 step (approximately 36″ overall height, suitable for boats with gunwale-to-chine measurement up to 32″), and 4 step (approximately 48″ overall height, suitable for boats with gunwale-to-chine measurement greater than 32″). The ladders come assembled except for the folding stand-offs, but each of the varnished mahogany steps are pre-drilled to accommodate the folding stand-offs, so each ladder can be fit individually to your specific boat.

Ladder box

It’s thirsty for some Dora water! Yikes.

Just open the box, hang the ladder on the boat, and attach the folding stand-offs in the best position to fit your boat. The steps are varnished mahogany, just like the originals (well, maybe a lot better than the originals!), and all the aluminum tubing is anodized for long life (a lot better than the originals!). All hardware is stainless steel for long life, as well.

Ladder fold

Unfold it and bam!

Stand Off

Comes with stuff.

The production run has been hand-assembled by long-time Garelick craftsmen, some with as many as 34 years experience! The commitment to get these authentic, while incorporating modern processes to insure long life, has confirmed the Garelicks have tremendous pride in their family company, and still keep a firm hand on the wheel.

FBS ad for Rudder R7

Here is the ad set to run in the Rudder. And btw, my fat lard ass needs that ladder more than my skinny ass bride!

The best part of the whole project is that we’ve managed to keep the pricing reasonable: the 3-step is $175.20, and the 4-step is $195.20, both prices plus shipping. This is a one-time, strictly limited production run: when they’re gone, they’re gone!
Don’t delay, order yours today, exclusively at Freedom Boat Service, HERE
EEz-In is a registered trademark of Garelick Manufacturing Company, owned by Brunswick Corporation

20 replies
  1. Doug
    Doug says:

    Any thoughts if a 3 step would be enough for 19ft 56 CC Capri? I’d think so but don’t know specific dimensions and boat is tucked away for winter. Would be for young children getting in and out of water-any advice much appreciated!

    • Dave Bortner
      Dave Bortner says:

      Doug, We’ve determined the 3-step will work best if your gunwale-to-chine measurement is up to 32″, 4-step if it’s 32″ or greater

    • Garret
      Garret says:

      I too have a Capri (though later – 1960) & wondered the same. However, for me it’s more “where do I put it?” Having the steps go low enough into the water is critical to ease of use & the lower they go, the easier it is to use the ladder.

      I’m not sure where I’ll put it – but I’m going with the 4 step for mine.

      Thanks for posting this WoodyBoater!

  2. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    We have old ladders of similar design but don’t work well hanging over the thin sides of our Lymans. I have been working on my own design that will hang over the transome. The wood parts are prototyped and am now working on stainless steel hardware to hang the ladder. I have family who will not go out in the boat to swim because they don’t like climbing out on the outboard engine as we do now.

      • Ronald
        Ronald says:

        Troy, I ask a local that same question years ago after seeing a man in the shallow water working on his outboard at Mt Dora and a long alligator hovering in the water right around the bank at the marina. He said they don”t stay in the water very long. lol

  3. Wylie
    Wylie says:

    Thank you Dave, perfect fit for the Arabian. Made an order for the three step. My plastic ladder was made for plastic boats.

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