Phil Andrew’s Century Blue Arabian Glamor Photos Are Here!

Century Blue Arabian F2


OK, OK, I know, we have shows to report on, winners etc. But I am so jazzed to show you all the first killer shots of the Blue Arabian. Fresh out of the camera Sunday. Phils last gasp until she is delivered in New Zealand in about 5 months. So Phil had some fun. And Bob Kays and I were there to capture it all. We do have video for later, to just keep this stuff going and promise to report on other news. But dammmmmmmmmmm look at these! Wow, over a year in the making! Thanks again to Seth at Katzs marina and Phil for letting us drool all over the Arabian!

century arabian Phil Duster

Phil “Duster” Andrew out on the Blue Arabian

Blue arabian Side

These will be in random order. Poor Phil is laying down on the floor.

Blue arabian sunrise

Phil got to run that Arabian across the lake as much as he could before heading home

blue arabian turn

The more he drove the more fun it was.

1956 Blue Century Arabian

Jara and Phil showing up to the shoot

1956 Century Arabian Blue correct

Side shot

blue arabian

Jara Werner also a best of show winner enjoying the ride to a Classic Boating shoot

Blue Century Arabian F3

Blue on blue, you start seeing the inspiration of how and why the finish is the way it is.

Arabian Main Lake

Stop at the Main Lake Market for fuel

Blue Century Arabian Phil and Allan

Phil and Allen from Katzs Marina all smiles

Century arabian 1956

More turns and a glimpse of her interior

Century Arabian Prototype

Let her rip

century Arabian Transome

Just a nice shot of her transom

arabian West Shore marine

The dash decal from West Shore marine. This boat was an award for selling the most Arabians, and given to West Shore Marine on Greenwood Lake. The Arabian was found in a back yard on Greenwood Lake.

century Blue 20

Perfect finish!

century Blue Arabian 10

All smiles

century Blue arabian 21

More Blue action

century Blue arabian 23

More fast turns

Century Blue arabian Boat house

Hey, its a Blue Arabian Boat house!

century Blue arabian bow

Its like an entire story of headers

century blue arabian dark

She changes looks in different light

alex Ferry

Make sure we stop for the Racoon Island Ferry! Thanks Alex

Century Blue Arabian F-1


Century Blue Arabian F5

Working out the bugs with Allen from Katzs

Century Blue Arabian F6

Smiles! miles of Smiles

Century Blue Arabian F8

See you later

Century Blue Arabian streak


Century Blue arabian turn back

Just on more turn.

And of course we had to do the post card!

Blue Arabian Side Side

For those new here, the post card on the right is the factory photo, and its the same boat. The one on the right was shot in Manastee, the left, yesterday on lake Hopatcong. Proving that timeless design, is quality design.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Beautiful boat, and great to see her getting wet. Keep using and enjoying her back in New Zealand, Phil.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Phil have a safe trip home and enjoy your new boat when it gets there, just in time for spring (on your side of the world).

    Matt thanks for bringing us these GREAT shots! We can wait to find out who won what boat show elsewhere.

  3. Allen Papendick
    Allen Papendick says:

    Thank you Philip and Matt for the coolest header ever. Phil, share some pics when she gets a new flag. For now the red, white and blue is the perfect compliment.

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Beautiful boat, fantastic job on it. Looking at the pics from all the various angles, it’s evident there was some serious ‘after-hours” sketching when it comes to the layout of the white on blue. To my eye, it’s stunning from some angles and from others – just not right… but it all holds together in an odd sort of way. Was Timothy Leary a consultant??? 😉

    • Mike K
      Mike K says:

      beutiful despite any flaws! i cant seem to see it from your perspective. only thing i see is the stern badge is a bit too high and bronze not red bottom paint.

      whos the lucky fellow from katzs that gets to go to nz for the warranty work? (if needed)

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      I k ow when I used to shoot cars. Bmw, Infiniti, only certain angles were APROVED for shooting. Even barrel backs can look odd from different angles. I will add that in parson its breath taking from any side. The best being behind the wheel!

  5. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I certainly wasn’t being critical or suggesting Katz’s missed anything – the boat looks perfect! I was referring to the creative staff at Century. They were always a little “out there” with the top of the line models – very cool stuff – just makes you wonder sometimes… 🙂

  6. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    I’m sitting at Newark Airport bound for home reflecting on what has been a completely surreal weekend. Right from the moment I arrived at Katz Marina ( for the first time ) and saw the Arabian ( for the first time ) I had to keep pinching myself that it’s all real. From the 100% total emersion into the US WoodyBoater way of life, meeting so many wonderful people, through to the spectacular Katz 1956 Blue Century Arabian it’s all been special. Very special.
    The quest to bring this iconic boat back to life has taken about a year from the time we found her but more like 5 years from the time we started looking. We went down a couple of dead end roads but in the end she is found and done.
    So many stories and laughs, some angst, some leaps of faith and some plain crazy moments. It is worth saying that none of this, none of it, could have happened without the internet. But more importantly none of it could have happened without the man who has brought this hobby to new highs and a new generation. He has done more for the hobby of Classic boats than anyone on the planet. Today it is no longer a hobby confined to individual local chapters, it is truly global.
    Matt Smith, Mr Woody Boater, Woody, I thank you sincerely for being the guy who hooked all this up. Your never ending enthusisam and humour that permeates the blog is every bit as evident in real life… just not the creative spelling.
    I feel like Matt and I have been internet dating for years and last weekend we had our first real date. Kind of Tinder for woody boaters.
    Through the process I’ve got to know many of you other WB fans by name so it was truly great to meet some of you in person on the weekend. So many of you helped bring this all together and I want to thank you in the most appropriate place, right here on WoodyBoater.
    So thank you Texx, Frank Miklos, Tommy Holmes, Dave Bortner, Dane Anderson, Don Ploetner, Dave Van Ness and of course the ever calm under fire, the Commissioner of Raccoon Island, Bob Kays.
    Finally this would or could never have happened without Seth Katz. Seth runs Katz Marina on Lake Hopatcong and under his direction the Katz team brought my Blue Arabian back from the weeds and turned it into a show winner. I’ve worked in Advertising Agencies all my life and you get to be able to recognise talent and people who have that special X factor. Katz have more than their fair share of this kind of talent. Thank you Jara for taking a million calls from me over the past year and always being so welcoming. Thank you Henry for persevering to get that elusive and amazing finish you recreated on the boat. Thank you Shaun for helping me get the boat in and out of the Katz dock and a very big thank you to Allen for helping me learn how to pilot the Arabian. You are a fine young man. I’d give you a job in my Agency in client service any day.
    Finally Seth, a year ago you said to me you would deliver me the best ‘preserved’ Blue Arabian in the country. You sure did. Thank you for being a man of your word. Despite being long distance you’ve made it effortless. As of right now you still own a quarter of it so I’d better call the bank and get things squared away before you change your mind and keep it.
    So long America its been a blast.

    • Mike K
      Mike K says:

      no kidding phil, that boat is fun to see on matts page, i cant imagine seeing it, or better yet riding, or best yet owning it!!

      cant you bring it to the geneva lake show before you send it home?????


    • Frank Miklos
      Frank Miklos says:

      then if you like an Arabian buy a 1957-59. but I love the blue. and gray … More boat manufacturers should have done something like this boat shows would be more interesting … Chris Craft the 21 capri and continental and some of the cavilers in Vermilion in the late 50s. there was a green stained boat, Mariner, also built in the 50s. Century also did a similar color to the Vermilion they called it cherry. It was used on the Roan outboard in 1959 to 1961. In the early 1940s chris craft for a short time use a black cherry stain in place of the wallnut covering boards. that was sharp looking … More of this type of stuff should have been done … i am very glad the ones that were done were .. I would never consider doing a 55 or 56 Arabian in any other way. unless it was the one boat from each year that was done natural.. the 56 had green interior, not sure what the 55 had….

  7. Bob Magley
    Bob Magley says:

    Beautiful boat. My grandfather had one of these in the early 60’s. He was a Chevrolet dealer and had a Chevrolet steering wheel installed. This boat is hard to find today.

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