Evangeline Goes To The Auction Today. Will She Sell?

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There she is.

Today is the big day in the Classic Boat World, Evangeline, Henry Fords Hacker named after his “Friend” and restored by fellow Woody Boater Brian Robinson’s team at Robinson Restoration is in Monteray at the Mecum Auction. Her estimated price tag, well over “One Million Dollars”.

That may seem like a lot of money if you are thinking about getting into the passion, but compared to the car world, its normal. This specific boat is dripping with history, American History. Not sure if you have seen the fantastic mini series on History Channel this past week on the history of American Automobiles. The Cars That Made America,  Henry Ford is featured all over it. And I will add, was depicted as a real tool, and probably was. So naming your fancy boat after your “Friend” kinda fits a guy like that.

Evangeline’s amazing custom blue leather interior

So today, is the day, we have been told around 2 ish. Now, we have tried to reach out to Mecum for streaming info. Crickets, any info? Crickets. So Mecum I can’t help beyond this. It is televised on NBC S which is NBC sports and there might be a way to see it there.

I am curious to see if this 24 Sportsman sells for over the estimated 100K. Hold on, its a twin engine version. 350’s Yikes that sucker must fly.

Other boats will be auctioned off as well.

Regardless we will update everyone since we have a reporter on the scene. He may be passed out next to an empty trash can, but we have one there. Hey. Our reporters may get drunk and drool on your boats, but at least they don’t make up stuff….. OUCH, to soon? still a little raw. Confused? See yesterdays story.

Hail to the Sons! WAIT,ugh,  Is he peeing on the boat trailer again, I have told him not to do that…. in the daylight. Ugh.. Help these days.


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  1. 7FTCWBY
    7FTCWBY says:

    The 1959 18ft CC Continental sold for 19K yesterday. Well below the estimate but off to a new owner. Also the traditionally live stream them on the UTube. Most be keeping this one closed do to prestige haha.

  2. Richard Daley
    Richard Daley says:

    Richard Daley
    I sure hope it sells to someone who will show it and run it ,
    Not to someone who puts it away in a museum,not that there’s
    anything wrong with museums I just want to see and hear this historic boat out on the water.

  3. Marty Feletto
    Marty Feletto says:

    Matt. I’m at the auction and asked and was told it will be broadcast live on NBC sports Channel. Don’t know if that is bs or not.

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