Even More Headers Headers, To Keep The Hoards From Taking Over

We have watched each other grow up.

As I was digging through headers yesterday morning, I found some more, and then more, and then more, so guess what. You get more, more and more headers. We also have some great news, the headers can and will be saved. Close to 3,000 of them. Which is absolutely insane since I used to purge many for server space.

Stinky’s history header

Another fantastic Rabbit Headline

The YNOT guys nailed it at Lake Dora

When we got the Whaler from Michigan.

Old and New in one shot

George working the planer

More use from the sunset photo shoot

Headline says it all

one from Lake Tahoe – Barnwood doing her thing before she ran out of fuel

I love me a good poochy shot

That one day we owned a Donzi

Took this shot by mistake

The 3 Amegos

One of the top headers of all time. What an insane image. I still beleive its all real

The best image of an Army Chris Craft. Color Slide.

The magic of children

Photoshop fun

A Classic

One of those very cool photos

Another favorite header of all time

Kent nailed this one late at night in Clayton

Kant just keeps cranking these out

The Boatress loves to go for a spontanious swim

Photo on a vintage Pentax Camera on film

Sometimes you are just lucky to be in the right place

Photoshop fun during Covid

Wake Douche headers crack me up

Sorry Rabbit, Bad Pun

Thee shots in one

Another one of my favorite headers of all time

Once in a lifetime header

the inspiration of the Timeless campaign

Even a dead rat makes a great header

Ruby made this header special

Using boat parts as art started a while ago

More use of the amazing sunset shot from Lynn

Jimmy and lynn made this an amazing moment

24/7/365/10 now 15 years

This header took around 4 hrs to create from about 5 different images

Lapkin nailed this one in Algonac

We have had many weddings

Mr B loves a camera

We have had many Valentines Day together

Dorthea lang still gets it

A simple hat can make any photo work


Multiple images make a great header story

Sometimes a header can be an old photo

This summer jeaders

George and Wayne Bomb

Turning the Boatress into twins. This is a very early header

Using old Chris Craft Gals as models.

Shooting headers can be a full time job

Back in the day at HQ before it was HQ

The Dora Canal is header pure heaven

Another one of my favorite of all time headers. The meaning of this image is very deep.100th birthday, Chris Smith, Miss Algonac all at the factory. WOW