Faribault Woolen Mill Company Has A Special Sale Just For Woody Boaters!

faribault sale 7The good folks at Faribault Woolen Mill Company are also huge Woody Boaters and have a special get ready for fall sale on a special Woody Boat Throw. These are very cool, or maybe its warm, in a cool way. Now of course they are up in Minnesota where it’s gonna be winter the day after the huge 2015 Woods & Water event. no really, the second you leave its like a light switch goes off.

Faribault sale 5

Photographs by Victoria Campbell and stunning model is Hannah Voxland.

All kidding aside, Faribault has been up there in business since 1865. Making woolen blankets and other stuff for the US Navy, Coast Guard and now Woody Boater. So here is your chance to take advantage of a HUGE 30% savings on the Woody Boat throw.

fairibault Sale 6

Feeling warmer already aren’t you?

Faribault Sale 2

You can’t go wrong, unless you ignore this deal, like Hannah is ignoring you for not clicking on the link!

This is a very cool special Throw that is a wonderful drawing of a classic boat. Throw it on the boat this fall for your last gasp run, then throw it on the sofa to take your Woody Boatness into the house. It also looks great just sitting on the boat during the summer. OK, one more Throw.. Don’t throw away 30% savings, take advantage today!


Fsribault sale -1

See, Hannah already notices you just for thinking about the sale.

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  1. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    The cutaway technical illustration on the throw was created by Haynes, the publisher of the iconic mechanic manuals. They deliberately merged details from a variety of 1930’s-era triples to create the drawing. It’s a stunning piece of art, great for the back of the boat or your man cave. We’ve also created a recycled wool blanket with the Woods & Water logo that will be available in person at Gull Lake as well as the show on Lake Minnetonka this weekend. Proceeds will help benefit the Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes chapter of the ACBS, who is helping to put on this great event. And that boat in the photos with our model is my little Gar Wood Ensign, Rabbit. The model and photographer are now absolutely hooked on the joys of woody boating.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      So are you praying for cold weather to drive throw sales? 😀 Will any leftovers be available to the non attending public via the web?

      Also, how many orders would you need to do a run of the recycled wool throws with the Woodyboater or CCABC logos or any club logo for that matter? That could be a neat promotion idea.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Beautiful people love Woody Boats. We are all thin, attractive, and have perfect smiles. We don’t have to shower on the weekends because our sweat smells like orange blossoms. We have all our golden curly hair that flows in the wind when we travel in our wonderful boats without a care in the world.

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Guess we don’t wear (?) use (?) them much in Florida so when I read the head line, I wondered who would be big enough to throw a boat or why you would want to try. Thanks for the explanation…looks like it would make a nice blanket.

    We can tell winter is coming…It was down in the 70’s this morning

  4. Laclede
    Laclede says:

    Her nail color nearly matches the color of the Vintage Cruiser tops. Even her nails seem to be ignoring Bilge Rat – playing hard to get always works best.

  5. Laclede
    Laclede says:

    Bilge Rat does okay.

    Back on topic, I bought a fairibault pink MERINO wool blanket last year, and it is on my boat. Merino wool is known to be softer and noticeably more comfortable than other types. After you buy this boat throw, look at their Merino blankets – now that would be something Hannah might notice.

  6. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I feel sorry for you guys, Hannah has not ignored me at all.

    (You are just jealous that the voices inside my head only talk to me.)

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