Forget The New President. Hagerty Insurance Has A New Look!


Yeah! Yeah! A new President, history making! Massive voter turn out! Longest most expensive election in history! Over 2 billion spent! But did you see the new look for Hagerty Classic Boat Insurance? It’s fantastic. A Spanking new Newsletter design, as well as a new look for there new ad campaign. Artist Mitch Frey with some tasty design from Hagerty’s designers has given the work a very appropriate look and feel. This new look is designed to celebrate Hagerty’s 25th anniversary. Congratulations on a great job, and tapping into the true attitude of your market.

I have been saying for years that our love of Antique and Classic Boating is more a love of moving art, than boating. After all we could all go out and buy a Sea Ray. But our Woody Boats are treated as more than just water craft… And now many of the clubs and companies that market into our passion are getting it! Even this weeks Rudder is looking better. It’s like the ACBS is waking up from a long sleep. Even offering to help with clubs web site design, now that is history making! Way to go. Another design leader in this hobby, is the Chris Craft Antique Boat Clubs Brass Bell, and online forum, the Boat Buzz is one of the largest in the hobby. These design changes were done years ago and only get better. Congrats to all for making history… look better.

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  1. Chris Schmaltz
    Chris Schmaltz says:

    Thanks for noticing!! We will be celebrating our 25th year of providing Agreed Value insurance coverage for wooden boats in 2009 and this is just part of what we have planned for this next year! Stay tuned & safe boating!

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