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I am still on the fence about the 26 ft Continental reported on yesturday. I love the boat and Jerry the restorer did a nice job. But is it to large? I am also looking at this 16 foot utility on eBay. Only as it turns out, it is only 24 inches. Dang. hand made, took the guys years to make. I wonder if he used 5200 on the bottom.. Click Here for the utility

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    Anonymous says:

    Too large for what? It isn’t that heavy, so I am not sure what the size issue amounts to – what would be your “ideal” – the U 22?

    I think that at something below the asking price, there is too much intrinsic value in this boat to lose it because of loosely-defined sizing concerns. Look at the replacement cost of all the work done on it.

    They key is to buy it right, and if after a bit of use you find it less than ideal – sell it and get whatever you decide will work best. At the right price, you’re not married to it. We are all married to our BB’s and other high-dolar boats bought in the past few years at high prices. Buying at the right price now is not likely to lead to the same frustrating result.


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