From Dora To Doors!


The new French Dora’s

Yesterday started out as one of those crazy days, I couldn’t seem to get anything done. BUT, around 1 PM, I was free! And ayne and I were able to tackle a project I have been waiting weeks to be able to do. Open up that wall! MOVE THAT BUS! The doors had to be ordered like anything these days. And so I had to wait. They came in two days ago and I had to wait like a 5 year old on Christmas Day!

Defora the Doras

During the doras

The Doras are in..a

What a difference. As Wayne said sarcastically. Too bad the view is so bad!  AHHHHHH, what a game changer. And for the record, the doors are part of George Butlers original plan. They are used as a way to work on the boats. The deck..too come will also work as a scaffolding and therefore stuff taken off the boats can be brought through the office without going up and down stairs. The plan is to make the deck “feel” like a scaffolding.

Water view, and cant wait for a boat to be on the Railway. How cool? HELL YA

The worlds WORST GUARD DOG! Unless you like to be licked to death and have your shoes peed on!

And in the meantime, people are gaining weight on Cheese sticks and falling off the 12 step program at Dora! Ugh. CHEESE STICKS! Yes, I am jealous!

mmmmm Fried Shrimp

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I see shrimp and scallops, and even a potato, but there are no cheese sticks in the picture. Oh, and since this is WoodyBoater, I also looked for cheese steaks but didn’t see any of those either!

    • Jerome
      Jerome says:

      The new doors look great. Makes the room look bigger & lots of light. Nice to have Bruiser back. Haven’t been seeing him lately. (Nice talking with you Don)

  2. Old Seabee
    Old Seabee says:

    The new Dora’s look fantastic! It will be difficult to get any
    work done when staring outdora at the wonderful view they

  3. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    The doors look great and the view thru them even better. I do believe you’ve found the correct spot for your desk – where the plank-on-drums is now with your back to the wall opposite the tools. Panorama of the street view, drill press, tool wall, the actual railway & the water. Perfect!

  4. Art
    Art says:

    William’s Landing atop the Blackwater Inn is NOT in Mt. Dora, it is about 1/2 mile up river from me in Astor FL and we go there often.

  5. Mike Hagan
    Mike Hagan says:

    Hey, I think a big shout out goes to Guy Marvin for getting people together for an informal River Cruise. Don’t know about you but you gave a Northenr a real needed shot in the arm and yes I’ve had my Covid vaccine. Really fired me up again seeing the smiling faces. My sympathy goes out to Bills family for their loss. I’ll always see him flying down the River in “old teller”. Nice way to be remembered fir me.

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