Get Out Your Cameras. It’s That Time Of Year.

Moon Over Sweet Pea – Photo Vincent Haynie

Yesterday and last night I got some photos sent to me as a reminder of the magic of this time of year. You so need to take advantage of it. Harvest moons, even a Blue Moon later this month. Fall colors and the light is lower. What does that mean? Why does that effect your photos?

One with the woods – Bob Kays Photo

The sun sits lower this time of year. In the winter even more. The lower light gives you shadows and definition, which is why early morning and sunset shots can be magical. It’s not flat light. When using mother nature as your light source, you have to let her do the work. She is finicky, WOW. hold on did I spell that right the first time?

I went out looking for color. Mom Nate, thats her nick name, well she turned off the color.

Oreo was not impressed.

Anyway, sorry, my A.D.D. pills have run out. Where was I? Oh ya flat light, fall colors and GET OUT THERE! It’s an early fall, ish thing. If you see perfection, drop everything and GO. one good wind, or rain can kill the moment.  GO, GO, GO! Trust me, you will want those photos later. OH, and send them to us here before you burn them out on Facebook. Don’t let the Russians use them!




Another huge thanks to all that helped. Turns out LOWTIMERS did win. It was all about the top 3 In each category and Lowtimers was right there with Miss Smarty pants and BABE. So we all had some fun. AND YOU MADE IT HAPPEN.

SO FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR EVERYONE! Come back, read, comment, its all FREE!

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  1. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Matt – what’s the back story of the Sweet Pea photo. You must have taken it around 5-6 AM from across the creek. Did your neighbors sic their dogs on you or call the sheriff to report a peeping Matt?

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