Get Out Your Drool Cup! Flagship Update


Even the wires are cool

GAAAAAAAAAAr Wood!! Thanks to longtime fellow WoodyBoater Manny for the update on his insane Gar Wood Streamline Flagship being done up fancy like at Sierra Boats. This Gar Wood is just dripping with magic. All of it. Every single detail is a feast for the eyes. And its sitting in a shop being worked on.

Dream boat

Leather and Varnish, all working together with some chrome, and cast iron.. AHHHHHHHH

Ladies and Gentleman – The conductor maestro.. Herb Hall!

Windshield detail.

Love the dark seams!

The hinges are even cool

Look at that hatch detail. Genus is in the details.

I bow to the detail.

PERFECT type style

Interesting marketing strategy. Form follows function, with style. Thats master class work. Not easy, and looks so simple. But isnt.

Very deep! And smart. The concept behind this stratagy is to sell the boat rationally, and let the design sell the art. You dont need to say anything about the style. That speaks for its self. But featuring the rational reasons justifies the price and purpose. PERFECTION!

I suppose out in the Tahoe light on the lake, it might just explode your computer. So we will warn you when that happens. So sit back, strap on your drool cup and enjoyyyyyyyydgsualasdgegfofg, dam it, coffee drool on the keys.. I got it, Sorry.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Beautiful boat. The grain and color in that deck planking is amazing. The hardware is gorgeous. That Scripps is mechanical beauty. I could go on and on. Thanks for letting us drool!

  2. David McMillan
    David McMillan says:

    Great photos of amazing details. I tip my hat again to Sierra Boat Co. (and WB for placing it front & center).

  3. Robert E Schantz
    Robert E Schantz says:

    Wait until you see Bob Shapton’s book on Gar Wood its about half done and its way cool. He has spent so much time on this book it will truly be a treat as the detail is impressive.

  4. Briant
    Briant says:

    Very nice. That engine is just amazing.

    Yesterday’s header afforded us with a spash mob. Good thing in today’s header ya didn’t make the same letter mistake. Imagine that uproar!

  5. Hakan aka Hugger69
    Hakan aka Hugger69 says:

    Stunning boat and craftsmanship!
    Tell Herb I said hello….it’s been five years since we made the trip from Sweden to Lake Tahoe to visit Herb and the others at Sierra Boats and even got a ride in a 1929 two cockpit CC!

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