GMC Sierra Trailer Video Features Woody Boat


Nice use of the white fence to show movement of the truck

Thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater Bill Hancock for sending us in this video produced by GMC to high lite their trailer goodies. It’s fun to watch to see how a fancy production co, art directors and so on show the dream scenario of a trailer job. Hot babe and studly man included.

She is happy.

We were involved in this in a soft way a year ago when asked by the production co to locate a boat for the shoot out in Northern California. Not sure who’s boat this is. But congrats on your 15 minutes of fame.

Nice use of white barn and green hill. Perfect location

Where is the barn for the boat?

Great road shot. Same location ish as we shot back years ago.

Woody Boater photo shot by Shan Fenn years ago. Same location

I will add, that the location scout did a very cool job. Camera guy with the backup sequence is fresh and stunning.

What a great shot!


Cool little add on! You can hear about it on the video

Cudo’s to the production company and Art Director for making a boring trip to the ramp more stunning than the boat ride! Who thought that would be possible!

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    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
      Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

      Thats the first thing I thought when I saw the rear shot. The guy is a better actor than a boat launcher.

  1. Capt. Cranky
    Capt. Cranky says:

    I cant afford the woodie AND the truck AND the girl – but if I had to pick one of the tree….I’d take the woodie.

  2. Bill
    Bill says:

    back the boat in so you cant reach it from either dock just what Id expect from GM. oh and thanks for your phony bankruptcy deal that made my GM stock I owned at the time worthless

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It is funny, but I see plenty of people back in far from the docks. I guess for some people it is easier to get wet or have a second person in the boat than it is to learn how to back up a trailer. Obviously in this case it was an artistic choice in order to get the symmetry and sense of space for the shot. I think it works great.

    • Bill
      Bill says:

      I thought the whole point of the ad was how with all these cameras you could back this thing up and park it on a dime and then they cant even get close to a dock. pure genius in advertising

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      The 61 had a lot more white on the side, I think it ran along the entire back half. Otherwise, I agree. A late Capri.

      P.s. How come when I click “save my name…”, it never does?

      • don vogt
        don vogt says:

        actually, m-fine, 61 was the last year for the capri, i believe. in subsequent years cc used more white side paint on various runabout and utility models sort of like century did. doesnt necessarily appeal to me but they sold.

        • m-fine
          m-fine says:

          Don, this is a 1961 Capri with the longer white up the side. Also note the 1961 interior was the bright green with gold and white. The one in the ad is probably a 59 or 60.

  4. Karl Hoffman
    Karl Hoffman says:

    Did any one else notice they hook up the safety chains incorrectly my boating 101 class says to hock them from the bottom and crass them

  5. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    No boat name on the transom! Did they remove it before the shoot or did they delete it from the video.

  6. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I’m curious about the offset fuel fill on the boat… Not sure I’ve seen that before. I am pleased to see the boat go into salt water though, it’s good for the wood! 🙂

        • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
          Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

          I never saw any fishing boats or ramps like that at Lake lake Tahoe. I also think it is Monterey bay. You gotta love the commercial. The guy has it all Nice house, cool barns, new truck, Hot wife (or girlfriend), and a good looking wooden boat. The American Dream. Even if he can’t launch a boat.

    • Reddog
      Reddog says:

      There was more than one commercial boat. One boat was used for the moving shots (Boat 1) and a different boat was used for the close-ups. (Boat 2) Maybe call Pat C. ?

  7. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Pulling a woodie ‘classes’ up everything. Good move by GM, although most will be eyeing the Capri over the PU.

  8. Matt
    Matt says:

    The choice of the Capri is real interesting from an art Director POV, note the angles match the Truck and if it were a fanyer boat would have stolen the show. This is there in as subtle way possible. Its about the truck not the boat. The little hit of metal on the back of the boat is a visual reforcment of the truck and ends the scene. There are all sorts of interesting touches in htis video that are layered in there. The use of the white fences to show motion. Cars moving without dust or rain, dont look like they are moving on a pan shot. So you need trees, and in this case a fence to frame the movement in the scene.

  9. Jeff in NC
    Jeff in NC says:

    Great video, eye candy everywhere! Only thing not to like is about 25 seconds in he’s going too fast and throwing road dust all over the boat ….

  10. Damon Duree
    Damon Duree says:

    Being a Northern Californina I recognize most of the areas. The first Shot of the barn is somewhere up north of the Napa and Sonoma wine country. The vineyards are a give away.

    Yeah slow down on the dirt driveway!!!

    Second scene driving along the water is along the Bolinas Lagoon heading north from Stinson Beach just north of the Golden gate Bridge. I guess his GPS doesn’t work so well as he’s going the WRONG WAY if he is heading to Morro Bay (which is where they end up) to launch the boat.

    Launching is taking place in Morro Bay, about 4-5 hours south of where they started IF they had gone the right way to begin with. Maybe he finally stopped and asked for directions? I recognize the launch ramp. Also, you can track the fishing boat NIKKI J (shown in the video) online and she is currently off the coast to the south between Morro Bay San Luis Obispo.

    Clearly Chris Crafts make good halibut fishing boats! Not sure why you’d launch it is salty Morro Bay other wise. Its always cold and foggy there. Maybe the GMC truck makes towing so easy you up for anywhere?

  11. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Did he put the plug in?? life jackets, stern/bow pole. You can tell its fantasy world, no beer cooler. And not one strap holding the boat…strut strap, bow strap to winch? What about docking lines?? whoops. Fenders??? hello

  12. steve
    steve says:

    Wood boats in mainstream media is good for the hobby. I do not care about the minutia . Have you ever worked with advertising people? They cannot be experts on everything.

  13. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    I personally loved the whole thing and think a lot of the comments are being hard on this, Just enjoy it for what it is, a commercial in beautiful settings with a wood boat which is why we are all here. Good Grief Charlie Brown

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