Goodies Come In Wood Crates – The Antique Museum Shares Some Holiday Toy Fun

Whats in it?

Remember as a kid and the box was the gift? Hey a good crate is a timeless fun thing. In fact sometimes, something simple, like tying knots was a fun gift. There is this thing you were born with called an “Imagination”It’s a thing that makes even seemingly boring stuff fun as all get out.

The Sport Series. Tune in to ESPN for a knot tying championship.

Wait, its a game! Okay, you could make this for your grandkids. A knot Tying game. Ya, not your kids, they already know your dumb gifts are all about boating, your grandkids have yet to be infected. with your gifts!

A BOAT! What? She got one too? WHAT?

Okay, now, this stuff is killer. Not an empty crate or knot tying “game” A BOY TOY! Okay wait, that means something else these days. Ya, I am okay with that. What the Boatress calls me.

1920-30s Lindstrom with toy windup motor

The Wind up motor!


No batteries needed. No App, nuth’n

Tell me, how cool would it be to open up a gift on Christmas Morning and find one of these fun toys? Yup. COOL. VERY COOL. Far far better than some lame video game. This is actually a toy, that becomes a memory and then art. I life long joy. Not a megapixle pile of crap that is out of date the day you get it. And that is what “THE” Antique Boat Museum is all about.

Okay, one more look at this 1920-30s Lindstrom race boat. Man oh man!

And thanks to the megapixel world of Woodyboaterville, the museum is open for us here on the megapixel universe!

1936 Lionel Corp. speed boat racer

These are so cool, When Lionel went all in. The detail and touches of art in these makes these extremely collectable. Just imaging getting this as a kid though.. UGH.

You can visit The Antique Boat Museum by clicking HERE. Join the museum, donate to help. We are all in this together.

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  1. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Indeed! Look at the box a friend handed me a couple months ago – technically not a wood box, but lots of wood inside waiting to be put together…

  2. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    “…and then it becomes art.” If I could only get my wife to understand that. “It’s time to dust your art!”

  3. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Matt, I have to agree this post and most of your recent posts have been at a wonderful level. How do you continue to do it so well?
    Great work and thanks,

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