Gordon Lightfoot & Classic Boating. Am I The Only One?

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This past weekend was truly a fantasy weekend for me. On Saturday morning I went to the St. Michael’s Antique & Classic Boat show, then ran home back to Washington DC to go to a Gordon Lightfoot concert. Yes, he is still alive, and no, the Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald is not his only song. What struck me though about both events, is that despite my begging, none of my pals wanted to go. Nobody.. I even had two extra prime tickets to Gordon Lightfoot. What is it? Both events were well attended, but compared to other events extremely small. As I was sitting in my comute with thousands of cars all going in the same direction this morning, it got me thinking about why this web site? Am I alone? This web site although well read, still has a very small readership compared to others. Roughly 4,000 a month… I figure the classic boat community is about 10,000 strong. Considering the size of the community, readership is strong. One of my workers writes for a sports blog, his readership is as big in a day as we are all year, But is that all that bad? NO! I like it this way. It is worth the trouble. It’s worth every second. The world is quickly moving from mass communication to niche communication, that’s the trend, it’s happening faster than a newspaper can report it. As to the small classic boat and Gordon Lightfoot communities I live in, it’s nice to see familiar faces at the boat shows across the country. Share fear and concerns of our pals in harms way in Iowa, and the joys of a freshly restored boat in Florida, or the “I wish I had found that boat in a barn” from a fellow woody boater in Minnesota. So in a strange way, even though my interests are not shared by millions of Britney Spears fans, I feel full of friendship and not alone at a Gordon Lightfoot concert, even though the seat next to me was empty. OK my wife gave me a pity date and was at my other side. She is a saint… No way on the boat show by the way. The concert was like a classic boat show in song. Something that we all loved in our youth and hoping to keep it alive. We look past the dings, dutchman and wrinkles, and feel great just being there, with 10,000 of my closest friends….

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  1. Paul harrison
    Paul harrison says:


    Well, both my wife and I love the classic boats, and Gordon Lightfoot. Although only in our early 40’s, we have both enjoyed Lightfoot’s Canadian folk since much, much earlier in our lives. I guess it helps to be Canadian in this case. We have seen him in concert here in Calgary, and very regularly include his music on our MP3 playlists.

    Now about the boats- my wife not only loves Lightfoot, but likes the boats and the shows as much as I do, and she is a top-notch at operating and caring for them. I am very lucky. We go to our summe rplace on Monday and can’t wait to get on the water in our ’40 CC Custom. The Gar Wood is in the shop..but that’s a whole other story

    After reading your blog everyday, and e-mailing with you privately in the past, I decided to make my first post. I occasionaly post on other forums relating to another narrowly focused hobby of mine – antique International Harvestor trucks (itself a niche-type thing) and even those sites get a comparitive avalanche of reader participation. I guess that as a group, perhaps we in the classic boat world are more laid-back and a bit passive

    Thanks for ths site, and your efforts at stimulating the dialogue between all us enthusiasts.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon at one time I believe owned a Classic wooden sailing boat, I have pictures from 1979 at Collingwood Yacht Club. I seem to recall it was called the “Golden Goose”. Can anybody confirm that?

    catsailor “at” gto “dot”net

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