Guess Who Has A 2020 Classic Boat Calendar Ready? Come On? Guess?

The new 2020 Calendar is here!

Here is a hint. It’s in his middle name? Need another hint? Really? This poor guy works his aft off on this every year, and literally is named after it? I had the pleasure of being featured for this month, and also in the new 2020 version. Any idea yet?

This months calendar girl..

Dang.. It’s Bob “Have I Got A Calendar For You “Kays. Wooohooo, you guessed it. Now, Buy one. or two. Or your days will be numbered. Which of course is ironic since literally they are numbered and now you can keep track. WOW, this is what happens after you watch the Irishman on Netflix. YOUS BETTER BUY ONE. All of New Jersey will come after yous.

All the exits.. So do a solid and click right here, YA HERE! And buy it. Don’t FORGETABOUTIT!

Fellow Woody Boaters are part of the fun!

The Stink Bomb is Miss July

YA! He looks innocent.. They are the ones to fear!

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    • Bilge Rat
      Bilge Rat says:

      True story: back in my deceased father’s day, he worked for an organized crime task force in financial crimes going after those guys. If they couldn’t get them on the physical crimes, they would get them for tax evasion (like they did with Al Capone). Watching the movie brought back memories of that era.

      • Rick Gambino
        Rick Gambino says:

        Growing up in Massapequa, NY, the same town as Carlo, our phone was constantly being tapped even though we had no connection. It was amazing how often there were “telephone” workers outside our house in the days before they could easily do it remotely.

        • Ollon
          Ollon says:

          I grew up in Massapequa too. I went to MHS and worked at Dees Pizza. Guess where I got my real education. My girlfriend lived on Club Drive and there was always a lot of interesting things happening on that street.

  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Well, if I have to get another year older. I may as well enjoy it looking at cool boats every month. I will have to order one.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Having lived in Long Island for a while, I got exposed to the mafia and their influence in high school gangs and then in Rhode Island or better known as Rogue Island with their Boston mafia influence and now in north Georgia there was the Dixie Mafia. Having worked for the Ga Dept of Revenue Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco Tax Div I can tell you they were very real. AFT was responsible for busting moonshiners. The so called Dixie Mafia burned down the county courthouse not once but twice (second time in their temporary facilities) when they were going to be prosecuted for running ‘shine, The difference between the mafia north and south…shiny suits in Cadillac’s versus camo and pickup trucks. And don’t believe that stupid moonshine show on Discovery – that’s a joke. Now, back to ordering my calendar.

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