Gulf Marine Dock Pumps?


Today we have one photo. And many questions. The biggest one… What kind of pump are these? I love them, and they are small enough to be cool barn art. But I am not sure how to even search for them? I suppose many..okay all of them became rust buckets, since they would sit on docks. But there has to be some around. Okay thats the one question,

Cool look, cool logo, fantastic color

the other is, what in the hell are those people looking at out on the water? Dont they know there is a Chris Craft there.. A cool coke case? THOSE PUMPS! BTW Slide is on ebay, and is of New Jersey.

I love the Coca Cola yellow of that time!

29 cents.. In todays money ..its.. $2.80 per gallon, according to my inflation calculator based on a year of 1953 ish. So it may be off a tad.

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  1. JIM G
    JIM G says:

    I was told by a Coca Cola bottler who started in the 1920’s that the yellow color was used during WW2 because the war effort need the lead. Which the color red back then had a fair amount of lead in it. Coke went back to red in the late 40’s but the yellow crates were still used into the 60’s.

    My uncle who had a Model T pick up for his first car. Painted in Coca Cola yellow. Because the local bottler gave him him several gallons of the yellow paint in the late 40’s.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I recall pumps sort of like that back in the day?
    didn’t we all use Amaco back then…”whitel gas” best to mix oil with or some such???

    John in Va.

  3. Dave
    Dave says:

    My parents had a resort in the 60’s and the Mercury guys all had to have white gas. The best part about those days was the gas dock. We a little pad for each unit, you would fill your own tanks write down the amount and then pay at the end of your stay. Can you imagine that today.

  4. Briant
    Briant says:

    Oh I like the new petrol pumpers much better, like above. Who wants to admire a dumb red box?

    I mean i suppose you could have dinner with it, but thats about it. It won’t help you clean up your flat. You cannot cuddle with it while watching Die Hard at Christmas. You cannot fly to Barbados for a week with it. Yep, the one above is just so, so much better in millions of ways.

  5. Larry Karlson
    Larry Karlson says:

    That pump is an ERIE 4011/4102- Made in 1948

    Airport or Marine pump. Has the hose reel built in

    Latest value from Jack Sims Gas Pump Bible is $650.00

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
      Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

      Larry, I love your collection of Marine Petrol. memorbila. Looks like some good decorations in your garage/mancave. Matt needs to story on that.

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