The Worlds Most Perfect Classic Boat Iphone Case!

Todays story is one of the reasons we created Woody Boater, to help people around the world connect and be able to support each other. Thanks to our Berlin Bureau, we can now report the full details of these amazing iphone covers seen on the web! And yes, it’s available for the iphone 6 – Our Berlin crew was able to track down, and better yet, speak with the young German gentleman that is hand making the covers. I might add, the only way that is truly correct for any classic boat lover.  Here is the complete interview with photos.. You can order these by email listed below the article. Take it away Berlin!


Thanks USA HQ,

While trying to get the Woody Boater Instagram account up and running, sometimes when we get bored we like to check out who’s using various hashtags – that’s right, we’re watching you. #Woodyboater, obviously is one we watch the most, but other terms in the hobby stay on our radar. #ClassicBoats #ChrisCraft, errrr one of those is how we found @classicsportline ( Just a few pictures of easily the most beautiful phone cases made in the manner of Chris Craft’s famous wood pinstripes. They weren’t printed stickers slapped on a plastic case like all the others. Hand-made in Germany with real mahogany!

We sent the account a message wondering if these cases were real and what’s the story behind them. A few exchanges later, we managed to do a quick interview, in German (separate story), however here is the translated version.

Meet Markus from Ulm!

1. Hey Markus! Can you tell us a little about who you are and a little about your company?

A little about me, I’m 19 years old and I graduated from high school this year. I’m from Ulm, which lies between Stuttgart and Munich in Germany. Since as far back as I can remember I’ve been on a wooden boat. My parents collect old, classic motorboats and coincidentally, my interest has gone in that direction. Actually, my main interest is with engines and technical matters in boats, but the woodwork is very fun for me as well.

2. What made you want to start your company?

In the summer of 2014, I founded the small business Classic Sport Line right after school ended. On the one hand, I wanted to sell my phone cases because of the large demand for them. While on the other, I am interested in self-employment, and the economic factors that need to be considered along with it. With all that said, next year I want to start a business engineering degree.



3. What is it about old boats that made you want to make iPhone cases and keychains?

Do you have any boats yourself?

Like I mentioned earlier, my parents collect classic runabouts. We have an old Nordic Folkeboot, which has required a lot of care and restoration work over the years. From all that work, and with some tips from books by Don Danenberg, I collected a bit of experience. My father owns a dental laboratory, which made it easy for me to get and use fine burs and cutters. As you can imagine, those tools are especially important right now for my production of the cases. I saw and sand everything by hand, and don’t use any computerized milling machines.


Hand made, in Germany,

4. We love the cases, they aren’t some cheap plastic things – They’re the real deal. Can you explain the process that goes into making them?

All of my finished cases are based on the idea of using all of the good aspects of the wood in the best way and combining them with an equally good and fitting framework. For example, if I made a wooden case entirely from mahogany, there would be a danger that the case would immediately break if the smartphone fell. If I made a case that was a tad thicker on all sides so that it would not break, it would be impractical and it wouldn’t look good.

We told you! This goes way way beyond the American stamp it out way!

Yes that’s inlay! Ach du lieber

However, the combination of my latest case with carbon fiber and mahogany is the best so far. The carbon case is in itself not bad. With the wood, the case becomes more robust and adds a minimal thickness (about 1mm) therefore the thin iPhone 6 is also easier to handle again. Now it’s no longer possible to bend the iPhone! During the process, I solely utilize products from boat building. The case is painted with a 2k paint from a renowned manufacturer, and is polished to mirror a boat’s finish at the end.






German craftsmanship at its best!


5. What’s the best way people in the US can order these cases, and when will the iPhone 6 version be available?

The best way to order a case is to send a short message to: Also, I am happy to help if you have further questions about the cases! Special requests such as engravings (for example on the back of the key fob), or special lines/rulings are also possible.



The cases for the new iPhone 6 are available as of this week, and they cost 99€ ($123)

In case your still on the fence, here is a beautiful video!


Classic Sport Line also currently sells cases for the iPhone 4/4s, as well as the 5/5s!

Here is the website in Germany

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  1. William Hammond
    William Hammond says:

    I’ve been trying to get my Dad to upgrade to a smartphone. He finally broke his old flip phone so I was going to press him hard when he got another updated version of his flip phone! These cases might have done the trick!! Darn!!!

  2. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    Beautiful wood! This is one you man that has figured it out. Hit the masses, quality product, and amass a following. He’s going places. However I’ll have to wait for the Samsung cases, but I’ll be there when they come out.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Matt: you have been begging me to get an I Phone so that the pictures I send you of the ANE are of better quality. This may be the final piece that makes that happen.

    Pretty sad when an accessory is your motivation to upgrade.

  4. Jimmuh
    Jimmuh says:

    Who knew there was a Berlin Bureau? With a riva to boote!
    Is there also a Sarnico Bureau? I think there is a Norwegian Bureau, isn’t that right Tobben? And Phillip is the NZ Bureau?

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