Hanging Hydros At HQ.

Setting up

Well, we did it. Hung up Bob’s Little Boy? Ya, that doesn’t sound right in todays world.  Checkered Past? Rocket? Up in the rafters of HQ. It was shockingly easy and hard, and very stupid all in the same moment. I to be clear and deal with all the arm chair structural engineers. Yes, the rope tied up to the handles is a tad bad. I am creating some braces for the bottom, that will hold the weight. Not that its heavy. In fact it’s light as hell. The engine weights more. My concern is the handles will tear out of time and stress. So some sort of simple bar? Either way. Its out of the way and looks bad ass cool. Maybe Zip can go up there as well. Have a race of lil red boats. Maybe Lil Boy? Ugh the name hasn’t hit yet.

Lots of red

So? I am thinking the Evenrude Country needs to move. The colors dont match and well. Maybe its a corner about outboards?

Lots of signs and type.

Getting ready to head out the door

Lets go!

Wayne Bomb and Dave Godwin and I hung it temporarily to see how it looks. Supports coming ASAP

Dave and Wayne hanging out as well. On the other side of the room!

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  1. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Well darn! I thought there’d be video if middle age guys trying to bust their asses with this speed demon, before it became just decor.

  2. WoodenRookie
    WoodenRookie says:

    Matt, what is average length of the tour when explaining where you got each item and the story that goes with it!!!!!

  3. Art
    Art says:

    Bottoms UP
    I’m ART and I know how to hang on a wall, or in this case a rafter. You should always show your Arts best side. Not only will this show the best side of the Art, but it will also allow a safe and secure point of attachment to the transom with a U-shaped bracket.

    For Art’s sake………..BOTTOMS UP

  4. Gaffer
    Gaffer says:

    Your new boat is pretty cool, despite it’s checkered past. (sorry) Anyway, here’s how they display the small race boats in Clayton

  5. gary visser
    gary visser says:

    I’ll bet your fertile imagination could cook up a rafter hanging that mimics the unlimited “big boys” highway transport! Besides, it’s an excuse to say “fertile imagination”.

  6. DK in TX
    DK in TX says:

    Just name it Bob. My mom and dad grew up in Glendale and LaCanada. Dad 1934 and Mom 1938. They knew Bob. In the 50’s that was their dating go get a burger spot. Still have an original menu from the original restaurant somewhere. I’ll have to shoot them a call. They have some good stories about that old car hop. Think American Graffiti movie.


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