Hang’n Around, WoodyBoater Style

Banner Love

We got this wonderful holiday note from fellow Woody Boater Todd Weitekamp regarding the stripping of his Uncles 1954 PennYan Captivator and decided to take a break and hang a banner Alan Arrighi gave him while restoring our other correct craft. Sets the shop off nicely!

I love these PennYans.

Get the kids into it! PERFECT

Family forever

You know this is ONE FUN BOAT

Perfect colors, textures, lines. AHHHHH

Details count

Todd says his Uncle bought the PennYan around ‘68. He sold it to Todd and now doing a winter refresh on her. Fast and fun for sure!

A boat outstanding in its field!

A huge thanks to Todd for getting us here back on track! A little varnish love goes a long way!

I loved these mugs. Not big sellers, but one hell of a mug!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Surprised those mugs were not good sellers. They are great mugs, as in a perfect size and shape for not only holding a beverage, but also for more substantial foods like a soup, stew, or chili. That and a great Woodyboater design.

  2. Mark in Ohio (today in Florida 🌴)
    Mark in Ohio (today in Florida 🌴) says:

    Penn Yan’s are just fun! Cool Boat, you never know where one of your headers will turn up Matt!

  3. Johnny V./John Vyverberg
    Johnny V./John Vyverberg says:

    Growing up on the lake where Penn Yan boats were made, all the models, from Cartops to Trailboats to Sealiners to Swifts were common sights. I’ve had a bunch over the years, and still have a few Swifts stashed away in the barn.

  4. Todd weitekamp
    Todd weitekamp says:

    Thanks for posting Matt! I grew up on this boat and am very happy to be owing it. This boat will stay in the family a long time! I’ve learned a lot about these little boats and always looking for any kind of literature. If anyone has a lead please let me know.

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