Happy Easter From Woodyboaterville


Hands up! Give me all your eggs!

We hope you are blessed with fine weather and flat water today. Here in Reedville Virginia we have a wonderful tradition of the Easter Bunny going around town on a wonderful Buyboat called the Elva C. Thanks to the Reedville Fishermens Museum.

The crew could be a tad more excited. HA

And of course what would Easter be without being towed in.

Take a break from it all. My neighbors mower broke down and thar she sits! Makes me laugh everytime I drive by it.


Ohhh to go classic boating in a sea of chocolate wonder.

Ohhh to go classic boating in a sea of chocolate wonder.

Happy Esther!

And a wonderful collection of Easter Egg Colored boats. Katlyen Marsden and her perfect Century Roan

mark Setterholm and Lemon Head. A wonderful Yellow and Green Easter Mash up!

Easter Blue

Bert’s Pink Barracuda

Bills Powder Yellow Coolness

An Ampha Easter Egg fest

The Harrisons and their wonderful Pastel Tank

These wonderful Aristocrafts feel very Eastery

Alans Correct Craft has some Easter vibe!

Gotta find the Eggs!

Aluminum Easter eggs?

Thats a whole Lotta Easterness

Like a floating Easter Egg

You know there is some hidden eggs in Gnome Village

Alex Watson captured the Easter Bunny on vacation in Florida a couple years ago. Looks entirely different without the costume.

The wonderful Blue Arabian – Thanks Phil for doing this.

The YNOT Gang bringing some Easter heat to the game

Big fat Easter Egg green Cruiser up in Hessel

One of our faves at the show – Mellow Yellow, Owned by Mike LeCompte Carona Ca! 1958 Thompson 17 Sealancer!

Easter Whaler Blue – Brian Conroy’s 1961 Boston Whaler goes airborne as he jumps the wake left by April and John Heiderich’s Century. Conroy said he felt like a teenager again after a fun afternoon on the water.

Easter in a Workshop! Eric’s Zelmacave

Got an Easter Egg colored boat! Lets see it. Happy Easter and GET OUT THERE!



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  1. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    Lovely Eastery pics, Matt, but it’s Amphicar, not Ampha Car. Triumph Herald engine, yet made in Germany. A real oddball.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Happy Easter all. Brisket on the smoker, ham in a Sous Vide bath, time to make the tartiflette soon.

    No boating until next month, but may have to mow in a week or so, and I have been there with the stranded mower. Broke part of the front suspension so I couldn’t move it for a week until the part came. Bought a heavier duty zero turn to hopefully not repeat that experience.

  3. Miles kapper
    Miles kapper says:

    A festive post on a pastel day. Sorry to say that my friend Mike LeCompte passed away earlier this year. He sold Mellow Yellow a few years back to a fellow who had no idea what he was getting into with regards to classic wood runabouts. (Possibly a subject for an article unto itself.) The boat has appeared (mis represented) for sale by at least one broker since and any noble efforts on my part to correct the mis information regarding the marketing of the boat has not exactly been welcomed.

    And life goes on…

    • Mike U
      Mike U says:

      Miles, if you know ‘Mellow Yellow’ is available, can you put me in contact with current owner/seller? Thanks.

  4. clay t
    clay t says:

    HAPPY EASTER ! For a real treat, come to Houston on May 4th, and 5th for the Keels and Wheels boat and car show, 300 cars and 100 classic boats. keel-wheels.com

  5. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Happy Easter! Two stories related to your random images:

    1. Amphi cars: I am an honorary member of the Minneapolis Amphi gang after I saw my friend’s empty and parked amphicar beginning to roll down a boat launch. I ran after it, jumped in and pulled the brake to stop it right before it ran into a car. First and last time I was a hero.

    2. Esther Williams: About fifteen years ago I was staying in a hotel in Marina DelRay, CA. My room had a balcony overlooking the pool. I noticed all of these beautiful young women rehearsing a water ballet in the pool. Later I had a beer and watched them perform for Esthers 80th or 90th birthday party. It looked like something out of one of her movies. In the marina they had a few houseboats in display that had her brand on them.

    3. My boat is named Rabbit

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