Have a Great Woody Waver Weekend!

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A Woody Wave-a-thon.. Ya can never go wrong when all the gals wave together

This weekend we are all going boating, I will be reporting in from St Micheal’s Maryland and the fantastic Boat show there. It’s the premiere show in the mid Atlantic. Miss America IX will be there. As will many of the top boats in the region. We will be there first thing ready to have some fun and take a break from Thayergate. One of the best parts of my day yesterday was the comments on the Woody Wave. Dang, I did not know so many Woody Boaters felt the same way about the wave. I believe that the wave is as big a part of the Woody Boater lifestyle as you flags, cap and shiny varnish. So.. Here are some shots and tips and what not to do’s.. Feel free to add yur personal touch to your Woody Wave.

OK, the gal in the back is doing it right, the guy.. way to desperate.. It says, hey, over here, look at me, look at my chest, my boat.. Over here...Don't over do it.. Be royal and dont care to much

OK, if you have a tight suite on and everything is at attention for the flag, and your gal pals are hoding such flag pole in a way... You don't need to wave. Sometimes its better to be the pole than the flag.. itsall I am say"n

And if you have a babeious's on the bow.. That's considered a wave.. Anyone waves on the boat.. You are toast.. This is enough

Ok.. So you are zoom'n by the bar on the lake, doing your thing, this is so over the top it might actually work.. Now you have gone from people in a boat to circus side show. But if you can pull this off. More power to ya.

Story Update – Pumpkin sent in these shots today, to help us celebrate Woody Waver Weekend. Woo Hooo!! Thanks Pumpkin…

Woody Gal and I went out with Bill and Hillary look-a-likes to practice the Woody Boater wave (circa 2008) See Below

I also discovered that you can Woody Boater Wave while riding 3 foot swells in the boat slip! Note the height difference of the white bumpers on the posts! (Ride-em-Cowboy Pumpkin! – Texx)


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  1. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    That last one is more than a circus side show. That’s the prelude to all the weekend boaters watching as the ambulance drives down the boat ramp to pick up the pieces. Sheesh. Brings up memories of my college buddies hanging on to the swim platform of my plastic MasterCrafts.

  2. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    No wimpy bent wrist waves! It just looks bad. There needs to be a rule about that!

    Those men’s swimsuits are pretty cool and I think they were wool. Phil would have been in less danger of hypothermia, if he had been wearing one of those!

    It’s Friday, go boating!

  3. mark edmonson
    mark edmonson says:

    Might need one of those wool suits this weekend in Lake Huron Water Temp 65. Brrrrrrrr.

  4. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    Send over the “Flag Pole” Gals. They look like they have the right touch. Although, I must admit I don’t have a flag pole that big…………………………….

  5. Chris / Hagerty
    Chris / Hagerty says:

    Matt, have fun in St Michaels….it is one of the best shows going on out there…Always have a liquor dist. as a major sponsor for the show!!! Fantastic display of boats large and small, several Trumpy’s call the port home. Also check out the kids programs, many of the national programs got their start in St Michaels thanks to Jim Shotwell…be careful not to over indulge in the crabs….

  6. Chris Finks
    Chris Finks says:

    Perfecting the art of “the wave” is a required skill of a classic boat owner and somehow, it does not get old. One thing that is humorous, crazy or endearing is the amount of interest when we would take our boat somewhere (our favorite waterfront restaurant) and while docking a small group would gather asking questions and asking to take pictures. My wife would soon get sort of “over it” and politely walk away while I continued to answer questions and chat. Or my favorite was when we were at the same restaurant and I needed to go get something out of the boat and some guy asked me if I could get out of his way so he could look at the boat and take some pictures…

    The wave and all of the attention given to our old “woody” beauties is like hanging out with a celebrity or in the spirit of what President Kennedy said on a trip to France paraphrased as: “I’m the guy that accompanied Jackie to Paris” In all of our cases, it’s the boat and not us…unless of course some “Woodyboat babes” are on board.

    Have a great boating weekend everyone!

  7. Rick
    Rick says:

    I believe the ladies in the 1st picture are all water-skiers from Wikiwachee,Fl. From constantly gripping the tow rope they’ve developed a problem of not being able to unclench their hands. They are currently on the way to an Orthopedist.

  8. jerri
    jerri says:

    Matt & Texx, When you get to MD will you give the original Charles & Di (Miss America IX) a big hug for me? They are the absolute greatest. Jerri

  9. chad
    chad says:

    On the flip side of the “WoodyBoater Wave” is what I like to call the “WoodyBoater Bird”.

    Used sparingly, it can effectively deliver a message to those who practice poor seamanship. Always identify the target before delivery and make sure there are no children in sight.

    Raise a closed fist towards the offender, showing them them back of your hand. Slowly raise the central digit.

    • anonymous
      anonymous says:

      That should be used sparingly and only when you can outrun the recipient of said gesture if need be..

      • Texx
        Texx says:

        Chad – Is there such a thing as “Water Rage” a boaters version of “Road Rage?”

        I know there is “Launch Ramp Rage” and wheres the kid at the Marina “Gas Pump Rage”…

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