Here Comes Some Sausage Parts! It’s Sunday After All.

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Did someone say SAUSAGE?

As all our trusty reporters travel home today, we have a little taste of Sausage in the morning. Thanks To Steve Lapkin, the Kin of Ken-Kin for sending us some scraps to enjoy this morning. There are around 7,000 photos taken and it takes time to weed through the  crap to find the kernels of corn… I pray that joke was too obscure for anyone this morning. It made me chuckle, and its 4AM so just move on. Anyway, we have a week ahead of pure golden kernels coming from several other sources who all enjoyed the dance this past 4 days. Take a bow gents. You deserve a standing ovation. Get out your lighters. We want an encore performance!

Here we go, slide on up to the table and joy some scraps.

Boy, you say sausage and all your pals show up!

I am so tired, please let me go home.

Behind the scenes

Yup thats how that was shot

Amazing cool location

YNOT Cutt a wake!

WOW! These are not scraps. Like sausage made from pure pork loin!

Wispy clouds

Babys like sausage

Pieces and parts

Its down the hall first door on the left.






Wait for me!

Lets go


One step ahead of the law

We are all green with envy!

A HUGE thanks to all that showed us all the fun and joy of perfect weather in a perfect location, with great boats and great people. STAY TUNED, oh we have more. Hell we could open a Jimmy Dean restaurant with all the sausage we have! Remember we have yet to see the YNOT gang, Bob Kays, and others! Mmmmm Coffee and Sausage this week!

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  1. ScottK
    ScottK says:

    The week here in Alex Bay was superb. The photos are excellent, but you really need to experience it for yourself.
    Packing up and heading home in a few minutes.

  2. Chris B.
    Chris B. says:

    What a week, happy it was a great event that was so close to us. Just home catching up on WB. super photography! Keep them show going.

    • Laura Almond
      Laura Almond says:

      What a fantastic week! Could not have asked for better! Sandy had a great time meeting so many boaters while out for her walks. Thanks ABay, Clayton, 1,000 Islands ACBS Chapter, ACBS National and the Museum for everything, this is one we will never forget!!

  3. Johnny V./John Vyverberg
    Johnny V./John Vyverberg says:

    We combined it with our chapter’s fall trip…………can’t say it’s even possible to get better weather and wind! Had a great time staying with a bunch of fellow antique boat nuts in Clayton.

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