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In yesterdays stories in the comment section from fellow Woody Boater Dean’s Sackett, there was one on HOBO, a wonderful Chris Craft 24. The owner wanted some more history on her, so fellow Woody Boater and Mr lake Hopatcong, Bob Kays had this in his archives. And of course back in 2009 Texx wrote a nice write up. Very cool.

I cleaned up the original photos

And here is some info from the Lake Hopatcong Breeze

FOR SALE: Chris Craft speedboat, Hobo,
24-foot, 3 cockpits, seats 11, Chrysler 109
h.p. motor, demonstration. Phone Hopatcong
The boat never left the boathouse
Mr. Harry Tarakajian had the formal, opening of his boathouse, Hobo Jungles, last week-end. A nautical motif is carried ‘ on throughout. To say the place is perfect is putting it a bit mildly. Everyone had a good time at the opening party. Lots of luck, Harry.

Very cool name on the sides

And here is a short history that Texx wrote about back in August 2009 regarding Dean Sackett’s ownership

“Then, many years later, his continued interest in wooden boats brought him to “HOBO”, the 1929 Chris-Craft Model 3 24′ Runabout which he purchased in 2007 via Mitch LaPointe. “HOBO” was originally delivered to Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey in 1929 and prior to 2007 spent it’s entire life (78 years) in the same boat house. Here is a recent photo of the HOBO’s boathouse on Lake Hopatcong, NJ – courtesy of the current owner Tim Clancy. Tim is an ACBS member and owns a beautiful 1947 U-22 “Piggy Bank” (that’s right Matt a U-22) And now for the Rest of the Story – in Dean’s Sackett’s words……..

“HOBO” a 1929 Model 3, 24′ Chris Craft, Hull # 2349 was inspected on May 4, 1929. She was shipped by rail to New Jersey where she was purchased by Harry Tarakajian. Harry, a Well Driller by profession and the ultimate tinkerer, did not take immediate delivery of “Hobo” because he was waiting for his boat house on Lake Hopatcong to be completed. Harry installed huge steel I beams in the boat house for raising the boat and one put in place just to be able to pull the engine. The two story boat house had an apartment w/bar upstairs where Harry frequently entertained visitors from the city who went to Lake Hopatcong to escape the summer heat. Harry would also give people rides in Hobo. The story goes that on occasion Bud Abbott of Abbott and Costello fame would stop by for a drink at “Harry’s Bar” and a breezy ride in “Hobo”. Ancient history is that Bud Abbott summered and rented the upstairs of the boathouse from Harry in the 30’s or 40’s. (Current Boathouse owner said) “I just became aware of this from a neighbor two doors down when Grandpa Tom Miller came to a graduation party last summer. Talked to his son last week and said the HOBO showed up and the new owner was interested in the Hobo’s history and he said he would have his father come over next time they’re in town. I’ll see what else he might know, he’s probably is in his 80’s so he was just a child when Harry bought the boat. He was the guy that told me about Bud Abbott, his father used to tell him “you stay away and leave Mr. Abbott alone”.

HOBO in yesterdays comments

By the Late 60’s, “Hobo’s” original 106 hp Chrysler LM was getting tired. Chris Craft had recently introduced their version of the 327 and Harry had to have one. So “Hobo” got a new engine and Paragon hydraulic transmission.

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