Hold On To Your Pants! It's eBay Time.


Forget all the gloom and doom news of the day. Forget the cold weather. Forget your 401K….. Look what’s on eBay. Yes. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Thanks to Fellow WoodyBoater Chad, who was keen enough … or board enough to find this treasure. One Very Rare Chris Craft Dealer Belt Buckle. A must have for anyone with a western meets classic boat kinda thing going on in there wardrobe. Seller claims this to be an award given to a big sell’n dealer in the 40’s or 50’s. So, here ya go, start bidding, and you can now have proof that you are indeed the WWF champ of Classic Boating.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Where are all the Chris Craft boat owners? I bid the opening bid on this buckle thinking such a beautiful item that for sure it would go much higher. I was prepared for holding at that price and watching that buckle go to another deserving person. One other person bid an additional $2.50 to which my wife also added $2.50 while I was away. To my suprise I now own this piece and look foward to seeing it in person. The only hitch is that I own Lymans. I guess I will have to have one made. The lesson is hanging out with wood boaters can get you in trouble.

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Thats greatnews, a fellow woodyboater got the dang thing. I missed the auction near the end. Dang! If you want to unload it. Le me know. I will make a Wooodyboater award out of it to be passed around each year…

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