HQ Sunrise, Trailer Fitting, And Life In The Past Lane


Morning Sunshine, and Reds

Yesterday was one of those days that just started out with a sunrise to beat all sunrises. I showed up to “the office” to get the day going early before all the Zoom calls and interruptions and rain. The good news is I brought my iphone and well… It’s Saturday today. it is Saturday? Right?

Mr B loves a sunrise

Sunlight is the best light

Sit and relax


Mr B about to chase a Great blue Heron

Getting ready for her trip to the fit

Lets go!

Just hanging out

Jimmy and Bubba at Jett’s Marine

Those lines get me everytime!

In da barn right as the rain started. Next, Graphics

Below is the planned look. Hard to vintagize an Alum trailer. But with some of the marketing elements from 1949.. Adds a little pizazz

Design work in progress

And if you want a sunrise video tour, here ya go! Ahhhhhhhhhh, the sound is rain on the metal roof.

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    • JonH
      JonH says:

      I love it to too except my mind immediately goes to the Eagles lyrics “life in the (f)past lane… slowly makes you loose your mind.” Hmm does that apply to us woodyboaters?

  1. BT
    BT says:

    Your photo of the adirondack chairs says “sit and relax”. In all of the time I’ve followed this great website, I don’t think that I have ever seen anyone “sit and relax”!

  2. Mike Hagan
    Mike Hagan says:

    Some of those shots would make Great Wall pictures for a man cave or office. The sun rise is always the best for boat shots. Anyone that has done a photo shoot for Classic Boat Magazine knows that the Wangard’s want you ready just as the sun rises.
    Nice shots Matt.

  3. Ted Stutzman
    Ted Stutzman says:

    On the way from Duluth to Green Bay one nice day a few years ago and my wife and I stopped at a little winery in Iron River, Wisconsin. They had some kind of craft show going, and there was a guy there with a Chris Craft on a trailer, and and over in the side parking lot he had a flatbread trailer with a pile of grey wood that was shaped like a boat. Long story short, we talked awhile and he told me to check out Woody Boater. I don’t know who he was, but for the last 4 years this is one of my first stops on my daily reading with my coffee. So thanks to that guy, and thank you for this site.

    • Howard Lehman
      Howard Lehman says:

      Ted Stutzman, That was me! I was the guy with the Chris Craft on a trailer. Not sure which of my “pile of grey wood that was shaped like a boat” boats I had there that day, but I probably restored it since then. I’m pleased that you checked out Woodyboater and read it daily. Can’t go wrong here. And, ………….you are very welcome! Howard Lehman, Iron River, Wisconsin

      • Ted Stutzman
        Ted Stutzman says:

        It’s nice to put a name with that event. You’re a good ambassador – I figured the flatbed boat was restored by now. You were pretty enthusiastic. I got my own woody boat the next year. Not a Chris craft, but it’s wood and it is fun..

  4. Jack Thee Boat Hack
    Jack Thee Boat Hack says:

    Trailer brand recommendations?? I know nothing about birthin’ trailers.
    For a 16′ runabout.

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