Huge %50 Off Sale On All Gull Lake Woods & Water Stuff In The Stuff Store


%50 off.

IT’S CLEARANCE TIME on the Woody Boater stuff store. That’s right ladies and gents, the good folks that made all that cool Woods & Water stuff need to move it out. Here is your chance to get those cool hats and prints. Also for those of you that really think ahead, perfect fleece jackets. now don’t think to far ahead, global warming will make all those fleece jackets obsolete. But that’s so 2020.. You still have years to enjoy the stuff.


Pretend that you attended! That’s right, you saw it all here on Woody Boater last summer. But the shirt and hat for %50  OFF and brag to your pals. Ya.. i went to that thing.. it was OK.. I mean if you like rare boats, nice people, good food, and a perfect lake.. Ya if you like that sort of stuff. So. CLICK HERE, and buy some stuff. Heck at these prices you can buy stuff just to buy stuff. Think of all the money you saved.


But wait, there’s more. Order now and we will give you the same deal. That’s right, its a deal so good, it doesn’t need a better deal. And no, if you wait long enough, they will not pay you to take it away. Its not an old cruiser after all! Yikes.. Sorry Troy..

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:


    Just this morning while working in the Boat Barn I was thinking how much more flexible the Cruiser Clan is compared to the Runabout Rodeo.

    Nice stuff at good prices, by the way.

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