I, Ah, Mmmmm, Speechless. Classic Boat Magic Live-ish From The Thousand Islands


Holy Crap!

But not wordless. And we are certainly not pictureless. Dang, I think I just invented two new words in one sentence. ISH. If you are just tuning in, good lord man..woman… You are witnessing what could be the best series of stories ever done on Woody Boater, or any classic boat anything. This is far more of a thing than some lame facebook 50 photo dribble happening here.


If you are watching and feeling it all, you can see Ken-Kin getting their groove on. Okay, you know what I mean. Clearly Steve Lapkin and Kent O. Smith Jr  are out on the same situation, but the photos, the art is getting better and better. Not quite sure how that happens right in front of our eyes.

Oh, big ship! Kent’s View!

Steve’s take on it.

Solo rif from Steve Lapkin. Hit it Emily!


Lets get busy!


Hell YA

Okay, this is the shot. WOW,

YA, smokem if you got em!

Ya, I am as happy as I was when I found my first Playboy!

Those colors, THAT blue ugly sticker. Someone needs to tell PA that their stickers are effecting my aesthetic sensitivity. YES, sigh I had to google aesthetic. multiple times I had butchered it so bad

OKAY at this point, Kent is saying to Steve. Did you get that? WOW, Steve is thinking, DROP THE MIKE! Oh ya!

Kent says, YA, I got it, and took off the sticker BITCHES!

And then Kent says. Oh ya! BAM! Header! OH SNAP. We are gonna have a dance off.

Steve says, YA, I got that!

Guys.. guys, we are all winners today, everyone will get a trophy even if you are a looser. Now just play nice!

Oh Ya, Kiss my Eulipion Aft!



A post card for the Thousand Islands

You can hear that roar in a photo. How did get pull that off?


Steve kicks in with some fine art! He sure can capture it all in BW.

Pardon Me I am on Pardon Me and you are not. UGH

White Kent is yacking, Steve be shooting

Oh? Ya, I got that shot! Kent delivers in a kool way capturing a motion blur thing.

DROOL! POWER – 30 mph at 1200 RPM

WOW, that sky, and dash, thats not me, I am sitting here at 4AM loading pictures and making up words.

Take a Bow Steve!

I need a smoke

Oh! Kent. A phone and a sign. Lapkin! You dog! This shot cracks me up. Clearly this is a fun time for all!

To be honest I was starting to think of visual burn out. How can this keep going, after a while its just one amazing shot after another and another. But today! Holy crap! I mean, How? Ahhh, it’s amazing, how this can thrill every part of your being. And that is magic my fellow Woody Boaters. PURE magic, Pure Joy. And Pure humbleness to be a part of it. Annnnd BAM a third new word!



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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Wow, WOW, WOOOOW!!!

    I keep saying that I am going to make another international. Looks like this would have been one to be at.

  2. Tony Hawn
    Tony Hawn says:

    Thank you so much for those amazing photos .
    That will be ” a must do and see ” next year .
    I saw the ” Pardon Me ” about 15 years ago when it was inside the museum. What a beauty.

  3. Gayle Truesdell
    Gayle Truesdell says:

    Great Photo shoot and great pics of Steve’s boat. He and his family are personal friends and I know how they value boats shows with that beauty. So glad you are in the Thousand Islands and in Alexandria Bay for the boat show.

  4. Mark in da U P
    Mark in da U P says:

    Man!! I am on picture overload. Great day Beautiful boats, and very good photography. What a good thing to look at on the last Saturday in Summer.

  5. Patrick LW
    Patrick LW says:

    I’m 3 hrs away and can’t make it. I feel like My class is going on the coolest field trip of the year and I’m home sick and can’t go. Please no more pictures.

  6. Chris Eden
    Chris Eden says:

    It was a honor to feature the work of these fine photographers I’ve know for many years (and have published many times) together for the first time in my last issue of the Rudder last winter as editor. I received a note and an image from Kent of Steve and Kent, together doing their magic with “Cameras on Water”
    Matt, I’m pleased to see here in the fine spreads of WB you now have the same honor!! Great work all three of you! Chris Eden

    • Kent O.
      Kent O. says:

      For those that don’t know, Chris introduced me to Steve when he had the concept for “Cameras on Water” for his final issue of the “Rudder.” Steve and I conversed a number of times but did not meet until early Tuesday morning. 30 minutes later we were shooting fly bys. In a way, this whole magical week is due to that introduction.

      Thank you, Chris!

      I would also like to mention that none of these shots would be possible with Steve Sturtz. Steve is a very talented photographer living in Alexandria Bay who graciously used his boat as a shooting platform every day. He also shot 7000 or so images for the week, I hope he shares some with WB, then you all could be treated to a *third* eye perspective.

      Lastly, thank you all for the kind comments!

  7. Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers says:

    Well done by all. It’s great to see the talent and and camaraderie that being part of the ACBS brings to the fore. Or in this case, better said, camara-derie.

    While the annual meeting was attended by nearly 600 guests, each one of these men – Chris, Kent, Steve, and Steve – have, over the years, played a huge role in bringing the vintage boat hobby to those who may only view our pastime on the printed page or lit screen. That’s no small task, nor unimportant in expanding our ranks. Excellent work on all fronts!

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