I Am Confused? It Was 70 Here Yesterday?


Morning Sunshine – Photo Lydia Haynie

Some days these days are confusing me. Yesterday I was in shorts and a T shirt, outside working at the Railway, with music blaring. Okay it was Christmas Music. The sun at noon is like sunset height, and I am just confused? Some guys were out boating, and it was basically a very nice fall, spring day. My heart was saying GO, enjoy, my brain was saying WTF? Get ship done outside prepping for the cold. NOW.

Working on signs promised, doors open and Grandfather keeping eye on the water

The office is now becoming The Studio. A place to paint signs and do my art. Not that Art, Not that I dont want to.. Wait. Art its okay, you are safe.

So I did exactly that. I just opened up all the doors and basked in the sunshine and joy of a temporary moment of the world coming to an end.

Screen shot from yesterdays comment section, she made it out! But what a SHIP SHOW. And we all love it!

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  1. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    hey ad man
    off subject, but whats your opinoion of that chevy commercial. i thought it was great, non woke, but should have been a boat, not an old chevy in the barn!

    maybe your agency did it?

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Btw, the ice breaking ship show was a 3 day event where the temps were 38 to start day 1 with wind chills, then a balmy 46 the next day and then a bone chilling 22 all day long as they winched the whole shebang up the ramp while a couple of guys in “dry suits” checked position in on the trailer and one scuba diver who was in the water to direct positioning. I’m shivering thinking about all that plus the guy who was live streaming that all day.

    • Richard Daley’s
      Richard Daley’s says:

      -11F here in Alberta this morning
      There will be no boating except in your mind
      Still going to the cottage for the weekend with the fire on

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