I Got Outplayed By The Boatress. And I Love Her For it.

Yellow? Artist rendering.

So, you know how I go on and on about how to buy lots of boats? Ya, that stuff, and how one of the tricks is to buy them for the kids and your wife, or husband? Right? I think I am so smart. Well, something happens when you are married to a smart person for 30 years, they have you pegged, and know how to play right back. Which the boatress is famous for. We worked together for 20 of those years and she knows how to slay even the most pompous creative.

Artist rendering

Okay, what in the heck does this have to do with classic boats? Well…. Meet “Buttercup”.  No naming party, no what color is she gonna be. NONE OF IT. If it’s MY boat she says, then , it’s Buttercup and I want it yellow. Whaaaat? Ahhhh come on.. Blue? Varnish? Its supposed to be Vermilion Red stain… STOP! I want yellow and I want it called Buttercup. I have Sweet Pea, and Buttercup now.

But, but, its supposed to be varnish and stain

Oh man, so much for Lickety Split, Or Thunder Wake Crusher, Or Big Dong Boat,. ya, now I will be boating in Buttercup… And you know what, its grown on me. I mean after all isn’t this what its all about? Fun, and her personal statement. NOW, some rules.

Big sister Yellow. So its legal-ish

It has to be as if the factory did it, and yellow was a Cavalier color for 1958. BAM, done, Buttercup is an old classic term of endearment, fun and being childlike. Ya, that sums being out on a WoodyBoat painted YELLOW!

It works, now which EXACT shade – Anyone know the Yellow Color on 1958 Cavaliers?

White and yellow. Classic 1950’s

So, here we go, I have started the clean up. The good news she is clean as a whistle and the previous owner Enzo, painted the hull red, so I paint over is the way to go.

Enzo’s initials stay

So do the cool aftermarket but period add ons

Engine area and engine cleaned and detailed

Clean as a whistle


After a good buffing.

Buffed lettering

I am pretty sure this is a Speedo. maybe a very cool Airguide Dash mount. Anyone got one they want to sell?

Oh yah! But impossible to find

Interior is going to be an odd thing and part of the fun. Either the Salmon that went with the yellow, or, some sort of late 1950’s plaid or funky deal.

Chris Craft correct.

Yellow , pink interior

Pink interior, white welting

We are searching now, the concept is for it to “feel” authentic as if she had bossed arounf the dealer back in the day and wanted what she wanted.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Just a sad reminder.

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  1. RH in Indy
    RH in Indy says:

    I like where you’re headed with it. I’ve always liked the yellow on the little cruiser in the brochure. REALLY liking the idea of pink/ salmon interior with white welting.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    It sounds like whatever color Suzy wants she should get.

    Do you notice the taffrail in the first pic. The photo boat was a Cruiser!

    I choose not to comment on this 50’s ad with a cute young girl in a white dress inside the cabin.

  3. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Now you need to work the sweet pea’s color as an accent into butter cups paint scheme (Possibly a double color waterline) and then work buttercups base yellow into an accent on sweet pea.
    Good Luck and happy painting!

  4. FrankatFalmouth
    FrankatFalmouth says:

    And you should thank her for wanting to paint over rather than strip the wood and then stain and varnish. Its difficult and time consuming to get all the paint out of the grain of the plywood and very easy to go thuu the top layer of wood to reveal the cross grain of the next lamination layer.. Do it, make it the “new thing” and then I can gleefully paint my 1959 Cavalier (VUAK) without further guilt! Mine also has some rough spots towards and on the transom so paint would get it back in the water much sooner.

  5. Charles Preuss
    Charles Preuss says:

    Wow, it all looks great, nice touch with the black and white waterline stripe! As for being out played, as a professional woman at work likes to say after a contentious moment, ” suck it up buttercup.”

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      I think that is a brighter yellow. maybe? Not sure. Would love a spec or original chip someplace

  6. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I suppose “Mellow Yellow” is out of the question… 🙂 Nice boat, nice color and I do like “Buttercup”!

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