I Just Kept Repeating To Myself, It’s Just Paint, It’s Just Paint.

That was easier than I thought

Well, yesterday I did it. I had built up enough courage to try and do some lettering on Stinky. I preached hand lettering and have been guilty of trying all sorts of other ways around to avoid trying it myself. Here where I live, a good hand lettering guy is getting harder to find. Capt Krunch retired so it leaves us with doing the dreaded decals. But I refuse to avoid it anymore and decided, what the hell, it’s just paint. Just paint over it. Like a Command Z..

I chose the numbers to be able to letter them. A 5 would have been torture.

I has bought a set of correct brushes and have the paint, so what the hell. I lit up the music machine and just dove in.

Playing with the right mixture of paint

I had printed out to size some type and placed it on for a reference. Some simple art school tricks and the outline was on.

Stopping to take photos leaving paint on the camera

The rest is a steady hand, which I do not have. And bam. What was cool was as I was painting, the real trick was to understand the anatomy of the type itself. To use the brush that way. Sounds kinda artsy fartsy, but thats what made the difference.

I need a bigger brush

I just have one coat on now, and will do another today. But dang! The flaws fit! And now Stinky’s history is alive. Now we just need a paper trail. After all, it’s just paint!

I love it. There is some research being done on the D or is it an E, Miss Miami is a D and now its on there, and after all I think the D looks cooler. And since all she is going to race is a sofa and dinning room table in the apartment this winter. Its great!


Here is a short Instagram film to get a better feeling. I turned off the blaring music. Italian Opera. Yah.. Great music to paint by. Its a flowing rythem you can tap into, but for gods sake everyone laughs at me.


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  1. Flash
    Flash says:

    Nice work! You just need a rubber tipped baton to steady your hand. Now Stinky just needs a pin-up girl mascot, wait, that could go bad, don’t Google “Stinky pin-up girl”. Nevermind.

  2. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    Nice job, although the “y” looks a little like an”s” at first glance. Are you using one shot enamel signwriters’ paint? I used to live on a canal boat and did all the Roses and Castles and graining by hand, but using John Keeps or One Shot Enamel made the job enjoyable. White on blue was always going to be a two coater at least. And One Shot is American. John Keeps was English but closed down, so we only have the American import now which makes it VERY expensive.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    Going to fix the y, and I have a nice closet full of old One Shot cans. The older stuff is supposed to be better. I think. Sadly no white though so using a can of white Pettit thined a bit so it flows better, But no where as good as the One Shot.

  4. Sunday Funday
    Sunday Funday says:

    Looks great! Although you are risking that the Boat History Gods will now reveal it’s true identity as #E-55 Miss Mildred !

  5. Bob Russell
    Bob Russell says:

    Great Job. Looks like it has always been there. It looks like your paint is to dry and that’s what’s making the streaks that require a second coat. I have studied the sign and stripping guys and there are some old tricks. 1. Use “One Shot Paint” http://www.1shot.com/One-Shot/Home.aspx
    It is made especially for lettering and stripes. Separate out the amount you expect to use into a smaller container and add a few drops of Turpentine. The Turpentine will make the paint flow and eliminate the streaks.

  6. RH In Indy
    RH In Indy says:

    Very nice! Definitely looks right. Love it when something works out just the way you want it to.
    Now for the starboard side…..

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