Pre War Chris Craft Engine Paint And Kelsey’s Costalamel Tank Top. Labors Of Love!


chris craft engine paint 2Sometimes the best part of classic boating is sitting in the boat house with some tunes and just laboring on your boat. And that’s exactly what I did yesterday morning before a nice cruise. I had ordered a quart of Post war Blue Engine paint from Van Ness Engineering which showed up earlier in the week. I never do the spray, something about the control of the brush and ability to lay it on thick.

Chris Craft engine paint -1

Now, I am not fooling myself here, the W is going to need to be rebuilt this winter, so in a way I am just making her look nice, and also if its clean, I can spot issues quicker. Small leaks and blow by show up on a cleaned up engine. Not to mention, we live in brackash water and its always a good idea to keep things clean and covered.

chris craft engine Paint 3

Its just gotta last another month

chris craft engine Paint 5

Post war blue is lighter than pre war blue. Not sure what the engine color is? At some point the engine was redone in the 70’s I dont think the red type is stock

chris craft paint 12

A little here, a little there. And she is looken good.

chris craaft engine paint 7

Looks like it was rebuilt in an hr! I know better.

This upcoming week, WECATCHEM will be seen by throngs of hundreds at the Reedville Classic Boat Show.  But first we will get a little cruising in. And of course your wondering about Kelsy and her Costalamel Tank Top.

Kelsey in a Costalamel Tank top2

Murphy and Kelsey in a Costalamel Tank top. Just say how much you like it. Alot!

While I labordayed on the Engine, Kelsy who is a model in New York, Atlanta and other places, represents Costalamel Tank Tops and loves the brand. So if she is wearing it, she is in a sense also laboring on Labor Day! See, everyone labored in a way. Except Murphy. And clearly Oreo, who slepted the entire trip!

Ham Kesey, Suzy

The Boatress  and Kelsy chatting it up on a nice slow cruise while Ham  takes the helm.


Suzy Kelsey

Oreo and Murphy also had a great time. It must have been the engine paint.


9 replies
  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    That is such an AWESOME boat!

    I love W’s and tank tops of all kinds (on women that is).

    Matt: are you considering fresh water cooling (enclosed system) for your W? I still want to do the W’s in American Beauty and have most of the details worked out, just a few things left.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks Troy, I will have a fresh water flush. Its easy to install and after a run you just flush out the system. The issue is space. I love that W. Our plan is to rebuild this winter. Which will be a very cool story on how to do it right. I am looking forward to it actualy.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Costala-what? Do their tank tops say Woodyboater, Woodiesforboobies, Varnishers, or Sons of Varnish, or are they just plain old boring tank tops?

  4. Ben Lasher - New England Lyman Group
    Ben Lasher - New England Lyman Group says:

    Has there ever been a more perfect Labor Day weekend (at least in the Northeast)?

    I know it’s not over yet, but WOW.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      As nice a Labor day weekend here on Keuka as you can get. Air is hot, water warm, boats are all working and the grill is grilling.

      • John Rothert
        John Rothert says:

        Bacon on the grill I presume?
        Glad you made it to that finger lakes boating museum….I went a month ago..neat but a work in progress….great location though.
        I only stayed with my Keuka (Branchport) friends for one night on the lake and then rest of trip at their hunting camp in Allegaheny Co……or I would have called…..cruiser trouble/decisions on my end….always something….
        John in Va.

        • m-fine
          m-fine says:

          Zweigles red and white hots, and burgers. Some of the burgers did happen to be a mix of ground beef and ground bacon but I had nothing to do with it as I was not cooking this evening.

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Also, the museum is definitely going to take time to hit its stride, but they usually do. I took a bunch of pictures, but I still haven’t pulled the card out of the camera to look at them and see what I got. Just hoping to have enough to give Matt & Texx a filler story for the slow months between the ACBS International and Tavares.

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