I Like My Burgee's Faded, Just Like My Jeans.

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I just bought from the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club Look under “from the club” a perfect reproduction of the correct Pre War Burgee for my boat. Actually more like a continuation.. It’s stunning. It’s the real deal, 100% Cotton, much better than the stuff on eBay or Nylon stuff sold on the web.. In fact it’s so real that it will fade faster than a blond pop star. And for some reason I like it that way. In fact I am beginning to like dull copper exhaust pipes and expanding seams. It’s great to go through such things. They’re real, as real as the wood and leather that are decomposing on my boat as I write this. That’s what I like the most about Classic Boating. Perfection is in the imperfection. The big part of being a care taker of these boats is the time we spend with them. The rituals that tie one generation to the next. I can now have a conversation with an 80 year old and share in the same pain and joy of boating on a sunny day with the water spraying up on a nicely varnished deck.. Something that I cannot do with any other topic.. Me..”mmm my PDA isn’t sinking up with my laptop, it makes twittering hard”…Crickets… 80 year old, ” Use a hammer” see. But bring up seams and varnish, oil and water mixing, leather cracking and dang we got us a conversation here.. That to me is the treasure of this hobby, this passion. Because, truth be told, I like my pals the same way I like my burgee’s….faded.