I Need A Day Of Boat Pictures


You cant go outside, you cant be with friends, you cant turn on the TV, you cant eat carbs, we are all gonna be killed by Murder Hornets, or now Locusts. Hurricanes. It’s gonna be a bad year for that. Riots, protests, and its an election year. Anything else? Anyone? Dump it now, cause its all just one big steaming pile of crap! And we are all gonna have to clean it up. So I am gonna just publish boat pics. Lots of them. Because, just because.

Headed out

Our world is smaller than we think.


A peaceful ride in Florida

Lake Dora

Morning on Lake Tahoe

Calm waters in Algonac

Timeless cruise




Love heals all

Clayton NY

We are one family on this planet


Different, yet going in the same direction


New Zealand

I will try

Go fishing


Lets all meet at the Palm Gardens


Right back at you

Sunsets with our families


A day on the lake

A day on the lake

Long lake

Classic Bob Kays photo New Jersey


Hang in there.

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  1. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    Matt and all the other photographers :. Real nice photos. Many of them should be enlarged and hung up on a wall. In the picture of the two cobras, why is the spray rail different but the waterline is at the water? Is that the difference between the 18’and 21 ‘ boats? How they sit in the water.

  2. tparsons56
    tparsons56 says:

    Lake Charlevoix on a peaceful summer morning.

    FYI this picture was taken two years ago. With the record high water the shoreline is now 5-10′ in from that time and the beach is gone. We put the docks in two weeks ago and then a storm came in and destroyed half of them. Yep, 2020, been a hell of a year so far!

    • Charlie Berry
      Charlie Berry says:

      Picture from long ago, but the memory is clear. Lake St. Clair home when we had it.

  3. Ronald Ford
    Ronald Ford says:

    Thank you for the great pictures, About 5 minutes of watching the news or reading news online puts me in a depressed state and takes the rest of the day to get over it, All really sad for our great country to see whats happening. I am currently working on our new/old boat to get it out on the water to get things in perspective, Nothing like a boat ride at sunset for us. Thanks again, Love the Sea Skiff header, just like the one I owned for 18-20 years.

  4. Dean
    Dean says:

    Does anyone have details on the white express shown above “Calm waters in Algonac”?

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      It’s a Cuthbertson Craft Express Cruiser with Brian Cuthbertson at the helm. Brian’s father and uncle were Chris Craft employees that started their own businesses in the Algonac area when the plant closed. Brian along with being a terrific guy is also a very knowledgeable and capable marine mechanic that has helped many of the Michigan gang for man years with engine issues!

  5. Texx
    Texx says:

    Some day we should have a conversation about how we captured some of these shots, some great stories I’m sure. Here is one of my favorites, two tough guys out for a ride.

  6. Clay at Crosslake
    Clay at Crosslake says:

    I’m with you Texx. I think I came onto this site just before you began tacking away from public-facing activity on Woodyboater. I know you have a world of photos and stories. I would love to hear that conversation.

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