If You Own A 1917 Albany Boat, Man Oh Man, Today Is Your Day!

For me, when I find something like this, its better than winning the Lottery, and if you own a an Albany Boat. Go play the Lottery as well. Because on ebay. if it hasn’t been purchased yet by the other guy on the planet with a 1917 Albany got it already. Its a 40 page masterpiece that will clear up all sorts of questions you have about your Albany Boat. Like I bet the Volvo Penta engine is NOT original. And until you had this, who could argue it.

The Albany Runabout.

The sport of thrills . Ebay finds?

You could make up what ever you want. Be the Albany boat expert. And now, you have the brochure, which makes you “that guy” It’s like a collage course in whatever that is. Now, one thing is for sure, you don’t want to be the guy who didn’t get it. For a buy it now price of $65. You have to move regardless of price. The funny thing is this guy could have asked $500 bucks. But who owns a Albany? Wait, this is Woody Boater and I bet there is one, two, and I bet we will now all be experts in Albany Boat Co today.

And a little googleing around, which makes me look like an expert, I see’s there is one for sale out there . Dang! And a little history about how Albany Boat co was a Hacker design etc. You can read about it here on The Halls Boat Co website. Scroll down to Hacker. Regardless, you would still have the brochure. And it’s one cool ass brochure set. Thanks ebay!

The seller says this if its sold.

“Three Albany Boat paper items.  The catalog has 40 numbered pages and measures 6 by 9 inches.  It isn’t dated, but has testimonial letters only from 1916, so it was probably for the 1917 season.  The other pieces are particular to the R-26 Runabout and the Model 38 Cruiser.  Neither is dated.”

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