Inda Water For A Trial Run. At Least She Looks Good, Red, VERY RED!


Dang! that red color pops in the sun. LIKE good god thats red!

Yesterday we were able to get Stinky in the water for a trail run. We had run her for 10 minutes on land and she worked great. But out on the water under load, she kinda ran wonky. Felt like the timing was off. And well? So I adjusted the timing while under way, and she perked right up. Solved. Or wait.. Wow that heated up fast.

Fertilizing the corn

We ran her on land, did I mention that sure is some bright red!

LIKE eye popping red. It hurts to look at in real life.

Happiness is a boatride.

You can drive and adjust stuff at the same time

And so no matter how much I adjusted the timing, she would heat up. So? mmmmmmm? Is it the new gage? Could not be calibrated? Is it a water pump? She is pumping great. USER ERROR????? Now because this is the internet, I am sure there will be 10 different answers, and as all internet searches go for “issues” I will need to go see a dr. Or just shoot at the engine with my thermomitor and check the gage 1st. BTW, ALGONAC THIS WEEKEND!

Now of course part of the fun here is to make art. So. Where have I seen this photo before.

Looks familiar. The angle, not the fact that is was the first shot of the story. 

There it is

And bam. TIMELESS!

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  1. Dan Overbeek
    Dan Overbeek says:

    Stinky looks great! I hope you find that the problem is just a calibration issue. Have fun! I’m going to Algonac this weekend!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    She is telling you she wants to come to Algonac. She ran great when she was here!
    Party starts tomorrow!

  3. Shep on Lake Shafer IN.
    Shep on Lake Shafer IN. says:

    Mom’s Mink leaves at noon today for Algonac and the big party! Looking forward to seeing the Michigan Gang again.
    Matt hopefully your FOMO isn’t too bad this weekend.
    Stinky looks great !
    I repainted the bottom of of Mom’s Mink this spring. And I think the new red is a lot brighter that the last red I painted on it.
    Stinky’s red looks bright also. Great job!

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    You need to take it to Algonac Matt. The cool fresh Michigan water, will let it run cooler. This will work until you get the problem fixed. If nothing else, you will have a good time,

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Is she running too lean? increase the fuel mixture. You needed a breeze to unfurl the burgee or a chickenhouse fan (as we call them down south) out of scene.

  6. Matt Smith
    Matt Smith says:

    My guess is thats its running to lean, or the gage. The carb had to be removed when I did the manafold gasket, and sure thats where the new stuff is. Or the gage which is also new

  7. Bobby Boat
    Bobby Boat says:

    Great JOB!!!! Looks FANTASTIC!!!!!! Waiting for Chad Brenner finishing 6 coats of varnish and ” away we go”!!

  8. Sleepless in Seattle
    Sleepless in Seattle says:

    Late to the game, but… what about painting the deck seams white? Cool detail and might break up the red eye burn? Looks sweet. 🙂

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