Ink Clot Sausage Saturday


The printer engraved plate

Well, that was a good nights sleep. Woke up at 7:30 not the usual 4:30. Exhaustion is a good thing if you like sleep. And nothing is more wonderful than some yummy sausage to wake up to. So here goes. It does have a slight print theme.. mmmmmm, inkclot sausage.

Adjusted metal plate

Reversed as if inked

Corrected and how it would look

Love these little suckers

Clip art from a printer plate

And now some photos as garnish

This image captures everything I loved about all our grandparents. I can smell pipe tobacco, and the warm soft hugs she would give. BTW, she makes some insane sausage and flapjacks. Oh ya! Lots of butter..

mmmm whats going on in those woods

Warm memories of Mom … before she died of lung cancer

Is that a dinning room table on that boat bottom?

Cool decal.

Okay, that just looks dangerous.

WTF! Great, now I need insurance for my insurance hat!

NOTE TO NEW READERS.. okay NEW READER.. OKAY old reader that hasnt been here in years. SAUSAGE DAYS are days filled with lips and snouts of stories that are too small for an entire story. So the scraps build up in a pile and we make scraple sausage, hot dogs, lunch meat out of them. Thats today..

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  1. Reed Feuster
    Reed Feuster says:

    Love the Manasquan Police item. As a long-time resident, I was unaware that there was a town police presence on the water at some point.

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