Inspector Morse – Endeavor Race Boat?

Red Race Boat In Endeavor

I know many of you might be shocked at this, but I love Masterpiece Theater, a PBS staple. The production quality and story lines are amazing. The set design an ability to capture a time and place with a story line is fantastic and not the usual simplistic crap on Network TV. Anyway, the Endeavor series on PBS is a great series on Inspector Morse, which was one of the top shows in England.

Watching the boat race by

Anyway. This is just some background. In season 3 Episode 1 there is a wealthy playboy that loves to race his boat on a small lake in England. And its briefly featured in the show. Sorry there is no clip, but i have screen shots. The question is? is it a model? or real, and if real. What is it? Its very cool, and does “feel” correct for the period and vibe of the times.

Oh the cars!

If you have Amazon Prime the entire 5 seasons is on their and a great binge worthy show. You can get a taste of it here on the PBS website

Did the production company take artistic license with a famous British race boat?  This is Bluebird K7 Jet boat – England

Here is a website on the topic of Bluebird. CLICK HERE

Scene from Endeavor – Episode1 Season 3

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  1. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    I also watched Endeavour and saw this episode. I couldn’t work out what it was. There are very few boats of that ilk in Britain. A couple of Rafales are in private ownership and never seen in Britain, he only takes them abroad because they pay. Bluebird, of course, is now rebuilt and running nicely, but I don’t see them painting it a different colour just for a TV company, although your screen shots show a very similar boat, but Bluebird K7 was a unique shape. Sorry I can’t be of any more help.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    With techonolgy in edit production its very possible to have used the Bluebird boat and alter it??????? Color shift is a very simple fix.

  3. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    If you look on youtube for the episode, go to 23:47 and it’s shown by a stathe. Clearly it IS Bluebird, but I wonder if it must be the replica that was at Thorpe Park theme park for years, painted red, with big models used for the action shots, since the replica didn’t have an engine. But that shot I mention above is CLEARLY K7 in red. There aren’t two boats that shape!

  4. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    Carroll P, it certainly does. I noticed that too, but if the boat in question was the floating, but otherwise unreliable replica from Thorpe Park, they were probably able to mess about with it as by the time this episode was made, the real K7 had been raised and was off being very seriously rebuilt, rendering the copy pretty bloody useless!

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