Installing A Cutlass Bearing, Old School.

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Guess which one is new?

As you may recall, before I was so rudely interrupted by some eruptions we were in the throws of removing the Cutlass Bearing from Sweet Pea. On Tuesday we went by George Butlers place to remove the bearings and install the new ones. One we had at the Railway in the parts room and the other was picked up locally at Jennings Boat Yard, the former Rice marine Railway.

Parts at Jennings

Yup keeping it all in the family. There are two cutless bearings so it had to be removed with the shaft out, which of course opens up all kinds of can off worms. But the weather is great, and so our my pals, who make it fun. I will let the photos do the talkn since I cant butcher the spelling with pictures.

The Prop strut, George checking by eye alignment

The other bearing was in the Keel area

That Chinese jack sure liked to leak. But did the job

Installing the new one.

Then this tool got pulled out. OH DAM! BTW, that is a smaller shorter bearing cause I messed up and installed it to far to use it to push out the older one. YA, Wont do that again.

And yes, jokes were made that while others are doing the work I am taking pictures. We all understand, my picture taking is better than my installing..okay..

One done!

That is one proud cutlass bearing strutting his stuff! See I made a strut joke. How many of those have you ever heard? Herd?

Glamor shot of the strut and bearing. I call this. Red bearing, gold strut.

Loaded in the truck and headed to the railway. WHAT? Ya, the Buddy L truck is a toy George played with, then his son, and now his grandson. All these were in a box on the floor being used.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great way to start the day. “That tool” is called a chain wrench and a nice way to hold or turn anything round. I used mine this week. The toy truck is priceless! Thanks for sharing.

  2. jimsHYDROshop
    jimsHYDROshop says:

    I have a full box full of NOS Cutless Bearings all different sizes. The big issue is nobody knows what size they need. I’ve been trying to sell them for $40 each with free shipping and only sold one to a friend. Anybody need one?

  3. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    Glad you are up and around and doing projects!
    Been there done that with the cutlass B. job….get it back on and Go Boating!

    John in Va

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Good story Matt! I can’t believe you found a bearing at the railway after moving all those parts around, during the renovation. Brings the price of the railway down a couple of dollars. The nurse from yesterday must have fixed you up. Great to see you back in action.

  5. Bill
    Bill says:

    china jack leaked? that whole press is a cheap china piece of junk. Id be afraid to build up much pressure on that piece of crap.

  6. Gary VT
    Gary VT says:

    By the look of that intermediate bearing, it appears to be heavily loaded to either the top or bottom, don’t know the bearing orientation, however.

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