Introducing Sandpaper Beach? 40 Grit Shores? The Sanders?


Keel Beach?

Yesterday we completed..ish the beach area of Casa del Railway at HQ. Ya ya, I know, but hey. At boat shows and so on it is nice to have a place to plop your aft and have a cool one. I know I know. Hey, its for the weeding in May. Going to be a Oyster Bar. Anyway. It needs a name. Why? Because everything apparently needs a name in my small psycho universe.

Lead Beach? Red Bottom Beach?

And since I have been prepping for Franks Memorial Service today. Hey. All the boats are just languishing with dead batteries and well. Lets just say I am gonna be busy getting everything running. The good news is WECATCHEM is done at Katzs for her refresh, and the weather is  beautiful here today. So. I am off to the beach. Varnish Dust Beach? Beach Bung Bingo? Refresh Beach? UGH..

Mr “B”each!

The beach is to the right. It used to be another Railway.

Okay, got any faves or names? We do call it the “Playpen” which does have a Riva reference, now, and that may just stick. But the Woodyboater universe sure comes up with some good ones.

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  1. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    Woody Beach or Woody Beach and Boat Spa where your boat will be massaged by trained boat masseuse.

    Yeehaa – Open water in northern Michigan!

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