Is Your Boat Urinal Worthy?


What a pissa!

Oh, sure you have won Tahoe, The ACBS International, your local shows, the mall shows, been featured in Classic Boating, BUT.. Have you been featured above a urinal at a bar? Egh? No, But Art Armstrong has, with his famous Molly -O. Now even more famous. I mean this really takes the cake. It’s a Woody Boater photo and I am not even pissed. Oh, I got more..

Closer.. Okay not to close..

Now here is the story from the Michigan gang. And yes they thought of us first, which says a lot about us I suppose.

From Art,

“You are not going to believe this……………..We take Chris and Boyd to a new restaurant near us called the Sea Craft and had a very nice lunch. On the way out the guys go to the restroom to do their thing. Well they come out and tell me that I have to go in and see the urinal …… I do as I’m told and this is what I saw above the urinal. Yes that is a picture of Janie and I in Molly-O……………go figure!!!” Art Armstrong

The photo from here on Woody Boater.

Janie! In a men’s room?

mmm I guess Art is now the Commode of the club? The Head? He can have a Throne? Now if you will excuse me.

If you want to know more about Molly O Here is a story we did on her a while back

One of my all time favorite boats. AHHH,


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  1. Kent Armstrong
    Kent Armstrong says:

    Our Grandfather , Milt Meier, who bought the Molly-O in 1938, would have gotten a kick out of seeing her over a urinal.

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    That is definitely unique. I have seen signs on men and women’s RR that say, inboards and outboards. Not a WB picture of someones boat over a urinal. How cool, Pure Michigan.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I have an OUTHOUSE here at my shop ( cheated and hooked to septic tank) the real deal….and more boat pics than phone numbers on that walls!

    Been boating…….70 degrees here in Va!!!

    John in Va.

  4. MO Whaler
    MO Whaler says:

    Great Story for the Last Monday of the Decade – – Looking forward to the First Monday story of the next decade – – And each day thereafter – –

  5. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    You sure wouldn’t want to stagger into that restroom with all those sharp edges after several beers or you might end up using the ladies room in the future.

  6. Art
    Art says:

    ………………..and the rest of the story from Janie……………Of course I had to go into the men’s room to see the Molly-O memorial pissoire. As I was leaving, a man approached the door and gave me an odd look. I said don’t worry, I was just checking out a picture of me on the wall. He then gave me a very strange look, so I assured him it was not a nude pin-up off an old lady.

  7. Gloomy in Illinois
    Gloomy in Illinois says:

    Matt you are pissing me off!!
    Who’s boat made top honor being top boat in the picture???
    Ha ha funny story for a gloomy Monday in Northern Illinois.

  8. thomas dial
    thomas dial says:

    I’ve only seen old pictures of that type hull, it’s the same as my 24ft 1936 Clipper Cruiser hull without the cabin, I like it.

  9. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    “We aim to please, will you aim, TOO, please?”

    “Please do not put cigarettes in urinal…it makes them soggy and hard to light”.

  10. Jane Williams
    Jane Williams says:

    Ok, here’s the story of the “why”…… my husband Kyle and I have always loved the “Kennedy Boats” as I have called them since childhood….. and we have FOUR dogs…. there are four pics above hung in the men’s room (where I know my hubby will at least see those every day (since he’s working 100 hours a week at Sea-Craft getting it off the ground)…. the boat on the left of the three boat frame is the DUSTY Rose (the boy), the three part frame (the girls) is GRACE, MOLLY-O and KIKI, our other three dogs (in age order). It was meant as a little surprise for him and to remind him every day how much they love him….. isn’t it such a small world that it happened to be your boat? I will certainly move them to another spot in our restaurant if you like 😉

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