Isabella Steals The Show In New Zealand, And Warms Hearts Across The World


Yesterday our reporter Phil From New Zealand sent us a ton, yes a ton of images from the show. For the record, none of the James Bond Boat with an outboard. And buried in the pile, which we will milk some more are a better idea of the size of this show. It’s not small. Lots of boats and some very very cool ones… Thats a tease BTW. Anyway, a series of images struck my heart. You can feel the pride, and love through Phils eyes of his beautiful youngest daughter Isabella and her first time driving three different Centuries.

Maybe its my age, but I have tried to get the kids to go to shows, and well, it didn’t work out well. Of course they were small shows and a lot of old men sitting around, so to be fair, the blame may be on me. But this..

This image says it all. Hands down one of my favorite images of all time here on Woody Boater.

These are true golden moments that would make any kid forget their cell phone. Maybe. Okay who am I fooling. But Phil you hit a positive nerve of love, joy and fatherhood. WOW, thank you for making today about the universal language of togetherness. Just WOW, Isabella your joy is now spread across the planet. Thankyou.

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Every child that drives a classic boat is a potential future owner.

    Hell I only heard one as a kid and I was hooked.

  2. Art
    Art says:

    BREAKING NEW……… a massive fire has destroyed all of the cottages on what is called the board walk at the Old Club on Harsen’s Island. What a shame it is a major disaster. The main club house and rest of the complex has been spared.


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