It Took A Dog To Find A Missing Part Lickety Split!


Go Rudy go!

Well, aint this just the way it goes. You work for year on a boat, the folks at Katzs Marina making sure that every detail is done right, down to matching a rare blue stain, using every brain cell left, and near the end, a simple thing like a Blue Flag ‘is the killer.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 8.51.04 AM

The correct flag in cotton. Today these are on ebay, but can all be found on Skipper Rudy site

Blue flag Arabian

The lonely empty mast.

It’s like a condenser, it’s small and you would think they would be around, but nooooooooooo. What the hell?  AA, out of stock, ebay, none there, Classic Boat Connection, Classic Boating Magazine, Sierra Boats has a small one, and of course the Myklos’s who are searching.


Blue Flag – On the original post card

So how do you find such a thing. Well, networking helps. Everyone had another person that might have it. NONE! So, here is a secret trick thaat has worked. Go to google and search IMAGES, sometimes if your lucky, what you are looking for will pop up. Which is the case here. But it linked to a dead ebay listing, Don’t stop there. We emailed the seller, and as it turned out, as it does in this community, the seller is a Woody Boater and had one. DANG! So a huge shout out to Rick from SKIPPER RUDY for coming through. Click on his site, and buy stuff. Lots of stuff. Spread the good Karma! Rudy needs a new bone! no Really visit the site, they have every burgee you will need and he.. Rudy and Rick get show quality stuff.

Century Burgee 1951-1956 navy

Century Burgee 1951-1956 navy NYLON – Thar she blows… with a little string on it. At Skipper Rudy

Hiliner web

Even obscure burgees. HiLiner Burgee. Rudy you are a saint! Don’t have a HiLiner? Who cares buy it so it keeps Rudy in biscuits!


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.25.36 AM

Dart flag! Don’t have a Dart? Want one? Start with a flag and dream, then you can go to the Antique Boat Center and buy a new one. HERE.


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:


    Wish I was going to be at Lake Hopalong, Hopathong, Hoopsrus, whatever that place is named someplace in northern NJ.

  2. Wes Yandt
    Wes Yandt says:

    Rick is great!

    He designed and built us a custom burgee for the “Uncle Bob” a couple of years ago. It looks fantastic and is holding up perfectly.

  3. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    Rick is a valued member of our ACBS Pacific Northwest chapter! He is currently trying to design a burgee for my daughters Dorsett, and is looking for an original burgee. Can anyone in WB land help him?

  4. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    You could have just read the Century Boat Club Thoroughbred quarterly newsletter and found skipper – advertiser and supporter Rick!

  5. Rick Arnold
    Rick Arnold says:

    I read your blog everyday and enjoyed the info about correct century Flags needing one for the Blue Arabian I am restoring here in Florida. Poly/Cotton. from Skipper Rudy. So I ordered one and it shipped the same day! Then in the same cyber moment I received an email from Skipper Rudy apologizing to tell me he was sold out because of the overwhelming response promoted by WoodyBoater. I replied politely “Please refund my account.” He replied “I refunded your account already, Keep the nylon flag until I get new stock, I’ll send it to you and we can square up later”

    So I am compelled to give it up for Skipper Rudy and WoodyBoater three loud Huzzaas!!!. Nice to be able to say something nice in this crazy world. Good Job! Bristol!

  6. Rob
    Rob says:

    Rick sells quality products, but more important, Rick is a good guy. I feel fortunate to know Rick.


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