It’s 2019 Already In Kaysville!


Well, Bob “Have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays has produced yet another wonderful calendar, and this one has a winner winner chicken dinner cover. Genus move to get us here to plug the living daylights out of it. Yep, that’s WECATCHEM on the cover.

The Cover. Brilliant marketing Bob!

Miss December

So unless you want months of calendar stories I recommend you buy them all out. Oh, it’s winter, I can drain a month of stories on this topic. Remember the week of join the Chris Craft Club stories. Ya.. We lost readers over that week. HA. Maybe we will get Jerry Lewis to do a … what.. Jerry is gone? What the hell. Okay, maybe we will just plug it today and later. But hurry, its almost spring.

Lake Hopatcong !

The Back



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  1. Dave Shepler
    Dave Shepler says:

    Ok Matt, I bought a calendar. I’m a little disappointed it doesn’t sound like there are any GarWoods in it?
    Do I need to bring Mom’s Mink to the Hopatcong show some time so Bob can get a shot of GarWood for the calendar?
    That show has been on my bucket list for a while.
    I got a call from a guy out that way a couple years ago who said that he owned a 1947 GarWood sedan. He wanted me to bring our boat out to Hopatcong show.
    He clams that our boats sat next to each other at the NYC boat show that year.
    I talked to Tony Mollica a few years ago. He says GarWood was not at the NYC boat show that year.
    That makes sense to me because they went out business that year. Also our boat is # 82 of 84 built. So it was built later in that year and shipped the last day GarWood shipped boats from Marysville plant.
    My thoughts are my boat was not in NYC that year.
    Anyway looking forward to getting my calendar to see the boats.
    I will see if the Hopatcong show will fit in my calendar this year.
    Thanks for sharing the calendar.

    • Bob Kays
      Bob Kays says:

      Would love to see you and your boat at our show on June 22. Always room for a Gar Wood! The photos for the 2020 calendar are done, will be working on 2021. Do in Kaysville it is years ahead, which is very confusing some days. Look forward to taking photos!

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