It’s A Naming Party For The Trawler

An homage to Suzy, and Lil Suzy

Today is the big day. The Trawlers naming party. We will be announcing her final colors and name on Monday. The Boatress has a couple favorites and today we can change her mind. maybe. Or just affirm her favorites. Which i have found to be the real gift of a 30 year marriage. So here we go! Type and font color, subject to change.

Connecting to her family

A variation on Family Ties, so its not always about some dumb TV show

If we go with a Khacki yellow

Kinda says it all

Ho Ho Ho!

Boats on the bay are named after a first name and initial . THis is the Boatress Mom

The boat was made by Rice Marine Railway here in Reedville.

The Boatresses name when she was a little kid.


I have always loved the name of the River we live on

Kinda says it all

The Family name that worked on the boat

A version of Suzy

A different take on the Miss Names.

A fun twist on The Bray family name.

An homage to the Uncles that built the boat

The family motto!

A fun term of endearment we all use. Also Reedville had many canning plants at one point and Peas were canned here

A reference to her jaw dropping speed


Its down to two colors SeaFoam


So what will it be? For comping purposes I used Seafoam to just bang out the options. So it could go either way with many of the names. The Scroll is subject to adjustment.

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  1. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    Buttercup is my favourite, but only if she was Khaki/yellow. If green, then Sweetpea fits….Otherwise, doesn’t it have to be”Boatress”? ( boat made from trees )Got A feeling I’m wrong, though.

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Having seen Suzy in person nothing with big or large is proper. If it has a name leave it. I never change a name. If not Suzy B.
    Back out plowing snow.

  3. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    I saw nothing wrong with the old name. Because of the bad luck associated w/ a name change, be sure you do the proper ceremony when you do so. You don’t want to anger Neptune.
    I like the khaki color scheme, but without the scrolly thing.

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    I like the idea of the name tying to the history so either Bray option works for me. Maybe “Bray Day” as well.

  5. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Being from the northeast I tend to embrace sarcasm, so sticking with the Rice connection how about “RICE ROCKET”!

    Stay away from the name BIG SUZY or the real Big Suzy may come visit you on her rice rocket.

    Oh, and defiantly sea foam green!

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    You started the “Boatress” name…and she has not objected… is a cool Woodyboater indicative word. Gets my vote.
    Otherwise I agree with Dr. Rot.
    Thanks for saving that classic no matter the name or color.
    John in Va.

  7. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Boatress, Suzy B, Betty B or Family Tides. I like Miss Adventure, but bet there are already several others out there. Seafoam, with plenty of the dark green trim like you used in the name ideas today. And the more reserved scroll you posted with the paint ideas the other day.

  8. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I think you should have a digital transom and keep changing names to fit your mood like the old “mood rings”.

  9. Danny B
    Danny B says:

    Sea foam it is, the bay boat theme of first name and initial is cool, so Suzy B, Boatress B, Betty B are all great, Tu-Anne is really good too, and how about Family Tree as a twist on the “Family” names since she’s a wood boat.

    Also, a lot of buy boats had full names (first, middle initial, last) so maybe that’s an option too. I like Miss Wicomico as well.

    Big Suzy? Did The Boatress come up with that or did you Matt? That’s going to help determine if it’s good or bad.

  10. Davyjoneslocker
    Davyjoneslocker says:

    If you are sticking with the Pirate Theme, “Black Pearl” always gets some attention.
    You guys could then wear pirate type clothing when you dock.
    Opens up use of a lot of Pirate talk, modified to Woodyboaterville . “Walk the Plank!”” becomes “Varnish the Plank!”
    I am fairly certain that Troy could come up with something that has to do with “Pirate Booty”.

  11. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    “Family Tradition” is fitting with all the family history and all. But then I am kinda Partial to that name…
    If not the “Family Ties”.

  12. Dan Lynch
    Dan Lynch says:

    Whats wrong with Woody Boater ,you know your going to be selling T shirts, and coffee mugs off the stern . Nothing wrong with self promotion .

  13. Briant
    Briant says:

    This is easy….

    Bray Way…in Khaki colour.

    You’re gonna not like that sea foam green after a few years….also, think of dirt, scuffs, marks, bird stains, etc…khaki is much easier to colour match for those required touch ups….

  14. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    What am I always telling you? The boats are named after the wife. And she needs to like it. Ms. Suzy Boatress, I guess it is your call.

  15. Sean
    Sean says:

    Seafoam, Suzy B, Betty B, or Boatress… Whichever she likes the best. You can’t go wrong naming a boat after your wife (or her mother).

  16. Scott
    Scott says:

    Slightly Crewed – That name fits me and my boatress perfectly but a friend already has that name here in the PNW. If the trawler already has a name….surely you will perform all the correct rituals to change the name. Bad bad karma if you don’t.

  17. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Whatever name you choose, do not change it without going through the ceremony honoring Poseidon/Neptune and the Gods of the North, South, East and West… Not doing so will invite misfortune!

  18. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    I like the name BettyB. It’s a Trawler, Trawlers always have names like that. Besides that its your mother in law. Mabie she will come and help you paint.

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